Dining tables

Garden dining tables comprise a varied product category, and it is not surprising to see some of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers contributing to this group. After all, providing a stable surface is rather simple, fostering formal and material experimentation and diversity.

On the more traditional end of the spectrum, Oxley’s Furniture’s ‘Bordeaux Rectangular Table’ is a cast aluminium design with cabriole legs and decorative, filigree surface. ‘Flores table’, manufactured by Fischer Möbel, is a classic, extendable dining table made from massive teak wood.

Material innovation is also popular. Konstantin Grcic’s ‘Topkapi’ series of dining tables by Marsotto Edizioni is made entirely from thin slabs of glued, matt-polished, White Carrara marble. ‘Beton table’ by jankurz is a robust, pared down concrete dining table with pronounced joints. An austere dining table, ‘Skwer’, designed by Alfons Bippus and Otto Sudrow for Habit, is constructed from industrial-looking steel grid flooring. Karim Rashid’s ‘Vertex table’ for Vondom features a crystalline, triangulated plastic support and a diamond-shaped table top.

Another expressive design is Serra & de la Rocha’s Calma-manufactured ‘Angle’ dining table, a dynamic sculpture folded from a single strip of metal. Jasper Morrison’s ‘tagliatelle outdoor’ by Alias is an understated design with slender steel legs, bracing for extra stability and a minimalist, steel tabletop. Marcel Wanders’s ‘container table’ for moooi, combines a round, oak veneer table top with a stumpy, polyethylene support that can be filled with sand for additional stability.

Unopiù’s ‘Swing table’ also features a round tabletop, though it is made of glass, while its support is a concave pillar composed of teak ribs. Nendo’s sleek, minimal ‘Bambi | BM1’ dining table by Cappellini features an X-base and a rectangular top, made from a single, laser-cut and folded metal sheet. Lastly, Alexander Seifried’s ‘Flip table’ also has a metal X-base, but this diminutive dining table manufactured by Richard Lampert folds for easy storage and transport.

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