Coat hooks

Coat hooks are a useful accessory in any office space, be it a small home office, or a large, open-plan work floor. Their relatively straightforward function belies their aesthetic diversity, and it depends solely on the client’s taste, which coat hook he or she will choose.

For example, Austrian manufacturer Woka has recently relaunched the prosaically named ‘Coat Hook’, an elegant, rigorous, 1904 design by Viennese Secession architect Josef Hoffmann. Recalling traditional craftsmanship, Helmut Hochwarter’s 1996 ‘Vienna Single robe hook | white’, is a chromed hook with a porcelain ball tip, mounted from a broader, circular base.

But of course, more contemporary and modern designs are available too. Oskar Zieta’s ‘Pin 100’ is a large, inflated, stainless steel button, available in various diameters, which is available in several colours and can be used to create playful, expressive compositions on the wall. Sudbrock’s ‘Sento + Select Garderobehaken S1’ is consists of a colorful, vertically mounted sleeve, with a fold-out hook.

Dina Rey’s ‘Propellerjack PJ02’ by DEGAS is a large, wall-mounted coat hanger, made from three identical, rotating elements that can be propelled independently of one another, creating a playful contrast to its fairly serious form. Even more playful is Stéphan Hamlaï-Voisard’s and Tomas Kral’s ‘Forest’ for Esaila, a series of turned-wood coat hooks shaped like trees, available lacquered or in a natural finish.

Also taking inspired by nature, Tarcisio Colzani’s ‘Lotus’ coat hook for Porada consists of flower-shaped mirrors, mounted on a metal cylinder, with metal hooks suspended from their base. Alessandro Masturzo’s ‘Cow’ for Forhouse is a trapezium, polished stainless steel slab with two wooden ‘horns’ that function as coat hooks. Finally, Enrico and Luca Sabadin’s ‘Orme’ coat hooks, also made by Forhouse, consist of different, organically shaped stainless steel discs and double as abstract decoration when not in use.

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