Cloakroom systems

Cloakroom systems are high-capacity wardrobe solutions, commonly found in museums, performance spaces, and other large, public institutions, though of course, they can be used to furnish privately-owned office spaces and wardrobes as well.

In many cases, cloakroom systems are simply large clothes racks that are used as to furnish separate cloak rooms. ‘POM CART’ by mox is an almost archetypal example of a mobile cloakroom system. An all-steel design, it is a simple rack, mounted on a castor base, onto which clothes are hung using coat hangers. Smool Designstudio’s ‘Round 20 Y-shape single bar’ for Cascando uses MDF for its support structure, but also incorporates hooks on the top bar and it too stands on castors.

Gerard Kerklaan’s ‘Tertio Junior’ for van Esch and Pascual Salvador’s ‘Fargo FC-2P’ for Vilagrasa attempt to provide more comprehensive solutions. Both have a castor base and feature a hat shelf along with a series of clothes racks with coat hooks; and while the former has a lower shelf for shoes or bags, the latter incorporates an umbrella rack. Teppo Asikainen modular ‘Two Step’, on the other hand, is a slender sculpture with slanted steel rod supports. However, its modules can be easily nested and stored, and the clothes rack itself has hooks, but can also accommodate coat hangers.

Finally, Kai Stania’s ‘RV | Dividing wall’ for Bene and Urs and Greutmann Bolzern’s ‘LO Mindport for Lista Office’ feature a metal bar suspended between two acoustic panels, and further enclosed along one of their remaining sides. These cloakroom systems do not only perform their primary function, but can also act as space-dividing elements and acoustic absorbers in an open-plan office.

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