Charcoal barbecues

Barbecuing is a method of cooking in which food is held above a flame or a heat-emitting surfaces. This allows it to retain flavour and nutritional value, while ensuring it is cooked through and safe for consumption. Charcoal barbecues are capable of creating intense radiant heat and their traditional, almost primeval, appeal lies in that way that a subtle smoky, sooty aroma of the charcoal permeates meals prepared on it.

Attika Feuer’s ‘Grill Act’ is undoubtedly one of the most straightforward charcoal barbecues in this product group. It consists of tall tubular steel base with wheels that holds a colourful, stainless steel container into which charcoal, or briquettes, are deposited. It can be easily moved around and stowed away when not in use. Another small charcoal barbecue is Rösthults-manufactured ‘BBQ grill 100’, designed by Mats Broberg and Johan Ridderstråle. This is an angular design that combines powder coated iron and stainless steel in a robust, minimalist form. It is also available in larger sizes, up to 137 cm wide in ‘BBQ grill 300’.

Finally, a design that draws from rustic tradition, Miro Pistek’s ‘T-Bone Rare’ is an outdoor fireplace with a grill, complete with a chimney-like hood on the top and a concrete base. This charcoal barbecue can be further expanded with additional storage space, worktops, a sink and gas hobs into a more spacious outdoor kitchen, the ‘T-Bone Corrida Edition’.

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