Changing tables

Despite their name, changing tables are actually incredibly multifunctional. Offering far more than just a stable surface where children are laid to rest by their caretakers whilst nappies or clothes are being changed, changing tables can easily assume the role of an informal storage sideboard, and not just in a nursery.

In the case of Kalon Studios-designed ‘Caravan Dresser’ for De Breuyn, or Terry Dwan’s ‘Bloomington’ for Riva 1920, the changing tables, with their classical proportions and expert craftsmanship, can effortlessly become a part of a study, an office or a playroom. Alexander Seifried’s ‘Famille Garage Sideboard’ is more relaxed; here a wooden shelf holds a multitude of colourful, open, plastic compartments, and an extra wide, removable tabletop, which can be stowed away once it is no longer required.

Blueroom’s ‘family affair Changing Table’ is a simple wooden design with open shelving and rounded edges, while Flötotto’s ‘Profilsystem’ is a modular sideboard with a large open shelf on top, which is removable. Both designs form a part of their respective collections, which include beds, sideboards, desks, nightstands and more.

Finally Kuopion Woodi’s ‘Table for babycare S204’ is a folding tray, designed to save space, and is ideal as a temporary, or low-capacity changing table. On the other hand, De Breuyn’s ‘Changing Table Unit 5’ and Changing Table DBD 247’, both designed by Jörg de Breuyn, are in fact amalgamations of different kinds of changing tables, be they open shelves, wooden compartments or closed sideboards, delivered together as a large, comprehensive nursery units.

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