pur natur families

Simply leave nature as nature
We, pur natur, see wood as a natural resource, not as something dead. A tree is a living character. In many decades it grows from a tiny sprout to an astonishing giant. In the meanwhile it braves storms, survives dry-periods and stems loads of snow every single winter. It fits perfectly adapted to its environment; it is part of nature and outstanding.
pur natur recognized this and values those characteristics with a respectful relation as the highest priority to nature and its resources. For that reason we do not use putative performance improvements due chemical additives or other treatments.
We see the natural potential of our resource and want to use it in a good way as aesthetic, high-end and durable product. »Durable« means not only durable, but also sustainable, because only from a sustainable point of view you will exist in a long term. pur natur doesn’t see knots as a mistake, we discover the trace of life.


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