Nola Star families

Royal Family_design labor was founded 1993 by Ana Motjer and Oliver Schneider.
The idea for Royal Family originated through various projects for which the members of Royal Family called upon their collective and diverse experience in the areas of furniture, product, set, and communication design.
For example, with the group 'X99' which gained international recognition in the 1980's with their innovative lifestyle ideas and products.
Royal Family is grounded in the laboratory concept perceiving design work as an experiment to find new forms and means of expression.
Based in this integral basic idea, Ana Motjer and Oliver Schneider seek the connection rather than the borders between art and communication, architecture and design.
Along with this encompassing basis, witnessed/shown in the work process in the various areas/disciplines and seen as a substantial result in the products, the development of design by Royal Family is in increasing mass characterized by the principle of a network. Therefore, networked thought and work that lives from exchange through direct encounters, personal relationships and dialog that consciously includes and uses all media channels. Transparence and transformation are two concepts that determine the developmental processes of the Royal Family in real as well as in virtual space.


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