Clockwork families

The creator of CLOCKWORK 2.79
Born 1960, Martin Fisher could be described as a modern sailor. He continually explores un-tested waters, thereby discovering the new. In his workshop he studies, forms and perfects until he has achieved his objectives.
CLOCKWORK 2.79 took nearly three years to develop, and during this time his clock mentor Kurt Berger Berikon supported him.
Fischer was trained as a machinist and has all ways been fascinated by kinetic experiences, particularly in the characteristics of different materials. For this reason he was drawn to London to work with the sculptor Danny Lane. Later he completed an art course at Casole d’Elsa with the sculptor Nigel Konstam.
Following this, Fischer experimented with glass, steel and light, in studios in Milan and Zürich, creating handcrafted design. Since 2000 he has run the a-faire metallwerkstatt, which produces unique lighting and furniture designs. Additionally, since 1987, he is a member of the F.Q. artgroup, which creates installations on the theme of maritime exploration. They also cook up an exquisite bouillabaisse.


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