Ceramica Magica s.p.a. families

Everything begins in April, 2014: a young professionals’ team, hungry and foolish, with a boundless passion for the profession and a mission: to relaunch one of the historic names of Italian ceramic, Ceramica Magica, who was established in 1983.
We create porcelain tiles for indoor and outdoor spaces, for architectural and domestic project, providing a wide range of products, styles and design.
We are a mix of different expertise: business and market knowledge, financial and administration competences, team management. Promptness, accurate service, flexibility, professionalism: a team that take distance from the old concepts of economies of scale (factory/sq mt), and gives to the single person, to its qualities and responsibilities, the main importance.
Fighting mediocrity, pursuing excellence, working hard with passion: this is our way of doing business in 2015!
Our mission is to bring back Ceramica Magica brand to the peak of the past, working in more than 70 markets around the world, being ambassador of the tradition and innovation of Made in Italy. Passion for work, technologies, attention for the product, human qualities, market knowledge: these have been the reasons for the success of Italian ceramics, and this is the future of Ceramica Magica.


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