Plexwood collections

Plexwood is a line of innovative engineered wooden products that can be conceptually applied in the interior. Thanks to its composition and the way of production, Plexwood is regarded as a very sustainable material. Because of its build-up, Plexwood surfaceas are very strong and have a unique graphic structure.
We produce on demand, tailoring our products specifically to your project. The distinctive strength of Plexwood lies in its linear structure, attained by gluing end grain and with the grain veneers in a crosswise manner.
By including end grain, Plexwood is generally stronger than normally sawn wood of the same tree, thereby making it possible to use softer production woods for products designed for intensive use.
Plexwood is available in 9 kinds of wood and 11 product groups, that offer endless variation possibilities for ultimate design freedom and flexibility:
Kinds of wood: Birch, Beech, Oak, Pine, Pine/Ocoumé, Meranti, Ocoumé, Poplar, Deal
Products: Strip, Parquet strip, Plank, Tile, Panel one-sided, Panel two-sided, Panel flexible, Geometric, Solid, Profile, Special.


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