Officine Gullo collections

When we began thinking about the Officine Gullo collection, we knew we able to accomplish a kitchen with unique characteristics. While we were designing the first projects or working in the workshop, we began speaking about our devices with an unusual language. It was as if we were talking about automobiles: "cooking machines" to be exact. First, we dedicated great care to the motor: an excellent mechanism, a series of high-efficiency burners, able to satisfy both the requirements of a professional chef and those of gourmet ones. Besides these features, we included cooking appliances also: powerful lava stone barbecues, mirror-surfacing fry-top plates, large steam generators and professional pasta cookers. We didn't accept compromises even for aspects involving the bodywork. We created it with 2 mm steel plates and finished it with materials dear to our tradition: burnished brass castings hammered by hand, high thickness burnished copper and silver plating.
The result is what we had imagined, is a kitchen designed for those who recognise the taste of good food and the pleasure of living in a refined setting.
A collection dedicated to all those who share our same passion: a passion for things done well.


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