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Priante Pelleitaliana
Creativity and innovation using leather
Priante Pelleitaliana design and produce leather products for luxury furnishing and interior design, which integrate creativity and technology. It works closely with tannery Priante whose 50 years of activity offer the knowledge about leather and the technological expertise to ensure impeccable quality.
Through its brands, Nextep Leathers (flooring and wall coverings), Pachamama (furnishing accessories) and Eclipse (rugs), it’s introducing a new vision: leather is a living, natural, resistant and yet flexible material that “communicates” with Man through countless uses in every kind of home and living space. INNOVATION USING LEATHER
“I proudly believe that leather is a unique, versatile and precious material, with remarkable value in its use, too often confined to a limiting symbolic context.”
Luigi Priante
To free leather of the constrictive symbolic context it is often confined to and restore its role as a living, authentic material, close to our “human” existence, bringing it into spaces that have until now been unimaginable.
This is what urged Luigi Priante, a visionary, creative entrepreneur, to create synergy between the historical family tannery business, founded by his father in 1956, and the versatile use of leather in design: the result was the Pachamama, Eclipse and Nextep Leathers projects, in which Priante superior hides are transformed into furnishing accessories, carpets and tiles for floors and wall coverings respectively.
The strategic development plan of the group is now seeing all the projects brought together under one company, Priante Pelleitaliana Srl.
The new company is a business response to the desire to imagine leather in all of its potential, as a living, natural, resistant and yet flexible material, and to take it beyond its usual applications, developing innovative uses in every kind of home ..


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