Minus tio collections

Minus tio designs, produces and markets high quality furniture for public and private spaces.
Founders Ingrid Svensson and Olle Wingård:
"New Years Day 2008 was unusually beatiful. Minus ten degrees, sunny and a fine snow cover. We sat down at the drawing-table, and by noon the design work of the newspaper stand "In the Neighbourhood" was finally finished. The same day the company got its name: minus tio, Swedish for minus ten.
It was a few years earlier, when we started working together, that we realized that we were on to something good. Even though our first projects were small, they got immediate appreciation both in Sweden and internationally.
The reason it worked so well was not only our shared obsession with furniture. In our respective fields we had both realized the value of following through with our ideas, in the design as well as in the manufacturing. That was how we got the idea of a furniture company where every component is important in creating a beautiful whole.
In February 2008 minus tio launched the first products. The collection was a success, both in media and with retailers. The 2010 collection featuring designer Mats Theselius and artist Andreas Roth marks a new era in the history of minus tio."


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