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Martinelli was set up in 1968 in Nozza, a village in the Valle Sabbia area of the province of Brescia.
The founder, along with his brothers, was Angelo Martinelli, an artisan who from the outset succeeded in combining innovation with outstanding product quality.
The company is firmly rooted in the local area and its historic values of artisanship, which it rapidly adopted as its mission, combining a passion for its work with scrupulous attention to quality.
The company is now run by Angelo Martinelli’s children Vilma, Lorena, Rosaria and Edoardo at the present-day site in Casto.
Ever since it was founded, the company’s core business has been the production of door and window handles, pull handles, knobs and knockers, an activity backed by its expertise in the brass working processes.
While Martinelli concentrates on delivering high-quality products, it also strives to cater for a multiplicity of tastes.
Its appreciation of classic, timeless lines does not prevent the company from exploring new trends in the world of furnishings. To meet the needs of a constantly evolving market, in 1998 the company set up a division called dnd diffusione nuovo design (“new design diffusion”) for the purpose of exploring new ideas in partnership with leading designers.
Handles are thus elevated from mere furnishing accessories to distinctive, prestigious design elements, expressions of the aesthetic taste and personality of the user.
The company’s two brands, martinelli and dnd, differ in terms of their market position and technical characteristics. However, they share scrupulous attention to aesthetics and functionality, an unceasing quest for quality and the guarantee of outstanding Italian design, production and materials.
martinelli and dnd products are manufactured entirely in-house using sophisticated, state-of-the-art production technology in a 10,000 square metre facility.
While high quality ..


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