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Mas Office Office / Contract furniture Bathroom / Sanitaryware
Company philosophy

Comercial de Industrias Reunidas. S.A. is a company located in Els Hostalets de Balenyà, in the region of Osona, province of Barcelona (Spain) devoted to the design, manufacture, distribution and marketing of furniture for offices and centres.

The company began its activity in 1982 with the aim of designing, manufacturing, distributing and marketing articles manufactured under the MAS brand (owned by Comercial de Industrias Reunidas) in both the national market and for exportation, acting as sole dealer for these and marketing solely the products of this brand. Comercial de Industrias Reunidas currently designs products complying with the Ecodesign standards with the implementation of Standard UNE-150.301; it manufactures and distributes in compliance with Quality Standard ISO-9001 and Environmental Management Standard ISO-14.001 and markets over 100 models in more than 20 countries, and in addition to the whole of Spain, operating in the countries of the European Union, Africa, the Middle East, the Eastern bloc and the American continent.
Mas Office Office / Contract furniture Bathroom / Sanitaryware
Comercial de Industrias Reunidas uses Life Cycle Analysis to evaluate the environmental performance of its products. By following a thorough methodology in accordance with ISO/DIS 14040:1996 and related analysis systems, Comercial de Industrias Reunidas can detect possible environmental impacts that their products might cause, and attempt to eliminate these completely, thereby obtaining furniture that respects the environment. Thus, from a design point of view, it monitors all the inputs and outputs of materials, energies, processes, etc. in order to ensure good manufacturing, distribution, use and maintenance and end of life of the product. The Quality Management System complying with ISO-9001 certifies that the products have undergone all the checks needed to ensure correct quality while respecting the technical requirements demanded. The company monitors all the possible environmental impacts internally, following the Environmental Management System in compliance with ISO-14001, and issuing a certification of the environmental procedures followed in order to ensure respect for the environment.
Mas Office Office / Contract furniture Bathroom / Sanitaryware
Comercial de Industrias Reunidas. S.A.’s products respect the environment in the following ways:

They are manufactured with recycled materials (from sheets containing a minimum of 30% recycled material)
All the materials are recyclable
All the products have standardised materials
Materials with a high environmental impact (PVC, etc.) are always avoided
New manufacturing technologies are explored (welding systems, etc.)
Introduction of technologies with maximum energy efficiency
Complete control of emissions into the air and water
Introduction of a more respectful system of painting (Epoxy painting)
Recycled and recyclables packaging
Minimum packing needed to safeguard the furniture
Dimensions of furniture units depending on use and lorry fleet
Ensuring the durability and repair of the furniture
Zero maintenance and without the need for chemical products or those harmful to the environment

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