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Koleksiyon Home furniture Office / Contract furniture

Koleksiyon has an unrivalled reputation for delivering design and service excellence to clients. Based on its key guiding principles and forty years experience in its chosen sectors, both in its homeland of Turkey and overseas, it is known for the clean, understated intelligence of its designs, the quality of its manufacture and its insight into the needs and concerns of clients.

Its designs are based on a profound knowledge of culture, history and geography. Its solutions reclaim the past that we know, its colours, sounds and shapes, and point to the future we do not. The aim is always to pursue excellence, to hold true to certain values. Koleksiyon knows that there is always a line that runs from the past to the future, that as well as local cultures and ideals, there are eternal and universal values that we all share and that what is essential is understanding the art and craft tied up with a particular time and place.

All of the interior elements that go to make up our homes should work in harmony. The furniture, curtains, lighting, beds and bedding, each should help to create a living space that is inviting, calming, attractive and comfortable. We should all be able to enjoy durable, high quality materials in well matched colours. While the things with which we surround ourselves should provide us with a harmonious, even poetic home, we should also be free to express ourselves with spontaneity and imagination. Our homes should reflect our individual style and the story of our lives. Our homes should reflect our tastes and interests, whether that is for music, wine, books or art. These are the things from which the story of our life is woven and these are the ideals that Koleksiyon Home represents.

Koleksiyon addresses every aspect of modern business life. Its integrated approach offers unlimited choice in delivering creative solutions to the demands placed on the working environment and the people who work in it.

Koleksiyon’s approach is to work with project partners including designers, experts, contractors, and investors. Its exclusive product range includes the designs of Studio Kairos, Faruk Malhan, Koray Malhan, Gernot Oberfell, and Jan Wertel.

Crucially, Koleksiyon creates environments where people are free to express their ideas, whether in offices, administrative buildings, business centres, banks, hospitals, hotels, or recreational facilities, conference rooms and receptions, archives and libraries. Koleksiyon Contract & Office offers an array of advanced design, production, and commercial facilities, with global operations in export, import and joint ventures.

Koleksiyon provide a range of world-class furniture solutions for professional clients including architects, designers, specifiers, facilities managers and end users. The diversity of Koleksiyon’s product offering is reflected in its status as a world leader in furnishing facilities for corporations, private companies, business centres, hotels and public buildings. With service levels that match the exceptional quality of its designs, Koleksiyon is able to develop enduring and mutually beneficial relationships with key clients.

Koleksiyon Office provides a range of solutions for executive offices, workplace desking and seating, meeting and reception areas, storage, partitions, archives and libraries. Koleksiyon designs, produces and delivers furniture in a way that ensures the wellness of the people who use it and empowers them to meet their potential. In this way, it also underpins the success of the organisations with which it works.
Koleksiyon Home furniture Office / Contract furniture

Koleksiyon, with a brain and craft force 500 strong, consisting of architects, engineers, technical managers and specialized craftsman, with a vast design volume and ease of production, produces furniture and design for culture and business centres, residential and resting facilities, office and home environments. Koleksiyon is involved in worldwide activities such as export, business partnerships, productions under design and lease, and is a pioneer in Turkey with regards to production and product.

For over four years Koleksiyon has been developing the ideas and designs that underpin its philosophy of the creative workplace. This work culminated in the presentation of these ideas under the theme of “Co-Creation”. Within this theme, Koleksiyon Design Partners, company’s internal design team driven by chief designers Faruk Malhan and Koray Malhan, is collaborating with international designers from various locations and cultures; such as, Pentagon Design (Finland), Wertell & Oberfell Design Studio (Germany and UK), Studio Kairos (Italy), Gerhard Reichert & Heinrich Igleseder (Germany), in order to understand and fulfill the real needs and expectations within the ‘culture of work’ of this new century.
Koleksiyon Home furniture Office / Contract furniture

Koleksiyon has set up modern technology with craftsmanship to reach perfection in production. The possibilities of modern technology and competent design knowledge are united in the modern production process of Koleksiyon. Competitive in the global marketplace, Koleksiyon is inline with the standards of developed countries and has internalized the principles of the protection of natural resources and the environment and the provision of healthy and safe environments for the human resources in all business processes.

Paralleling environmentally sensitive understanding of production, Koleksiyon is a pioneer at waste treatment and facilitating for a high level of recycling in all processes and is in constant development.

Koleksiyon affirmed its devotion to quality, the environment and the health and safety of the workforce with the documents of ISO 14000 Environment Document and ISO 18001 Work Health and Work Safety Document and has put all the stages from production to sales under quality guarantee with the systems of SAP/3, BW, CRM erp and ISO 9000-2000.
Koleksiyon Home furniture Office / Contract furniture

Koleksiyon Stores
The design of display and exhibiting has gained a new edge for Koleksiyon, as a direct medium to develop a communication between the visitors and the spirit of the brand. The main theme is to present stages of the creative process that leads to the
realization of Koleksiyon products.

The process of exhibiting, viewing, displaying at a contemporary level of perception are the core values of the theme, rather than a stylistic enthusiasm to fit into the fashionable “ism”s. The Projection of the details, dimensions and technical information on the solid or glazed walls are only the part of the thematic texture
of display.

Another central idea to the development of new showrooms is to experiment on ways of display, trying to recreate the relation between the object and the place, in each new display territory. In this regard each new shop is a new adventure, connected to the existing stores only in the main theme of the brand spirit. Rather than repeating the existing formulas in each new shop, the idea is to propose new ways of perception in every realized project. The final agenda is to edit a neutral design language, where every individual can feel inspired to create a place of their own.

Koleksiyon Dealers
Koleksiyon today has 3 different stores in İstanbul Büyükdere set up within a 15 thousand meter square area where home and office products are displayed. There are also 12 points of sale in 7 cities in Turkey.

In the coming period Koleksiyon aims to enlarge its web of national distributors and representatives and increase penetration in Anatolia. Koleksion is, increasing the scope of business collaborations with business partners and working at a pace for the opening of new distributors and centers primarily in the U.K., Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Spain, Austria, Serbia, Finland, Egypt, India, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Libya, Saudi Arabia as well as many other countries in Europe and Asia.

Koleksiyon presents a very rich portfolio of creations for the contemporary work habitat. Doing so, the portfolio is enriched also with a price category vision. While selecting among the various programs, any contractor or architect will find five main price categories where sets of workstations, cabinets, storage units and chairs are grouped. The categories are created in the light of the different needs of todays’ contracts in various sizes and characters.
Koleksiyon Home furniture Office / Contract furniture

Koleksiyon, combining design, technology, technical quality and competent craftmanship is one of the leading furniture companies in Turkey with a distinctive tradition of design for 40 years. With an annual production capacity of 400, 000 m2 of wooden furniture and 54, 000 pieces of upholstered furniture Koleksiyon manufactures for cultural and business centres, accommodation and recreational facilities, offices and homes.

Product group: Seating Tables Office chairs Desks / Workstations Desk systems Storage / Filing Partitions / Space dividers Executive Conference / Meeting Break-out / Privacy areas Lounge area / Waiting room Seating / seating systems Multipurpose Gastronomy University furniture
Designer: Sezgin Aksu Eckhard Hansen Heinrich Iglseder Faruk Malhan Koray Malhan Gernot Oberfell Gerhard Reichert Studio Kairos Studio Kairos Silvia Suardi Jan Wertel
Haci Osman Bayiri No:35
34457, Tarabya/Istanbul
Phone: +90-(0)212-223 13 20 pbx.
Fax: +90 (0)212-299 17 45
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