Johanna’s one woman textile studio originally started from her home in Helsinki in 1989. Over the years her business has diversified from a home studio to two own stores, one in Paris, another in Helsinki.

At the moment Johanna collaborates with four different weaving manufactures that produce all her fabrics. As a skilled craftsman she has also continued hand weaving. That’s how most of her designs are born.

“I have always had a passionate relationship with crafts. I enjoy working with the loom.
I am especially interested in the construction of fabrics and I am drawn to technically challenging designs, even though the final product might seem simple,” Johanna describes her approach.

“The ready-made products that I design are defined by the fabric itself; by its material or by its pattern. I also find influences from different cultures interesting and challenging to my work,” Johanna explains.

Johanna uses the basic weaves; plain-weave, twill and satin; and often selects her materials among the natural fibres, that she combines in an interesting way.

Johanna’s purist designs have gained an enthusiastic group of design conscious aficionados, in both Europe and Asia.