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Jan Kath is one of the most important carpet designers on the international stage. Around the world, more than 1,500 carpet weavers work for his company, while seven employees work in the creative department in Bochum. The collections are marketed by specially selected partners all over the globe. The designs have received many awards (Red Dot Design Award, Carpet Design Award, Design Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany). Renowned interior designers incorporate them in their work, and they are highly praised in the trade press.

Carpets by Jan Kath can be found everywhere – in the homes of Arabian royalty, in Rupert Murdoch’s New York penthouse, in private suites at the Four Seasons in Cairo, on the luxury yachts of multinational oil conglomerates, or in the showrooms of important Parisian fashion labels. Traditional craftsmanship meets modern logistics: while the manufacture of the carpets follows carpet-weaving techniques that are centuries old and extremely time-consuming, “Jan Kath Design” is a highly effective logistics company operating internationally. A majority of the orders are fulfilled specifically according to customer wishes, and are distributed around the world. With regard to size, format, and materials, the carpets can be made according to individual wishes. Even the collections can be freely combined with one another in a kind of modular design system. Yarns from wool, silk, and stinging nettles are available in a range of over 1,200 colors. Flexibility and customization to individual needs are an important theme at “Jan Kath Design.” But Jan Kath does more than simply design his own collections. He considers himself a couturier for floors, and also makes his know-how and infrastructure available to his customers. He develops and produces entire collections for French fashion labels and leading furniture brands. In addition, he also manufactures custom-made products for designers such as Christian Liaigre, Matteo Thun, and Peter Marino.

Quality and Manufacturing

While his modern designs first take shape on computers in the creative center in Bochum/Ruhr, and are sent to Kathmandu/Nepal or Azilal/Morocco through the Internet, Jan Kath relies on long-established production methods for the final realization of his ideas. The carpets are handwoven in the Himalayas or in the Atlas Mountains relying on centuries-old traditions and at manufacturing sites that are often still family-run.

Depending on customer specifications, there are between 60 and 300 knots for every 6.45 square centimeters (1 square inch). It takes three to four months to weave a 2.5 x 3 meter carpet. For the collections made in Nepal, the basic material is Tibetan highland wool, which is of the highest grade and the most robust quality available. Shepherds use yaks to bring the wool from the mountains to the base station, where it is washed in the river and finally culled (combed) and spun by hand. Only special, ecologically tested dyes from Switzerland are used for the dyeing process. In addition to the wool, the finest Chinese silk and yarn from stinging-nettle fibers help create appealing reflections and an exceptional haptic experience. One-of-a-kind natural materials in combination with manual production techniques lend each carpet its own particular character, making it a unique object. Our Self-Image: Together with the organization STEP, Jan Kath Design is committed to creating fair working and living conditions, and does not support child labor. Label STEP (www.label-step.org) was founded in 1995 by a number of organizations, including “Bread for the World” and “Caritas.” It regularly monitors the production sites of its licensees.

Hand Tuft
Jan Kath considers himself a couturier for floors. For large projects such as luxury hotels and exclusive shops or VIP lounges in airports he also produces high-quality hand-tufted carpets made in factories.
His customers include Tiffany, Boss, Ferragamo, and one of the most successful names in French fashion. The quality of JK tufting is extremely robust. In comparison to handwoven items, tufted carpets can be produced at a significantly faster rate. In summer 2011, a TV audience of 30 million looked on as Prince Albert II and his bride Charlène walked down the aisle at their fairytale wedding in Monaco. The aisle was covered with a truly magnificent piece – designed by Jan Kath – a 103-meter-long red carpet, weighing 1.3 tons, and with a fine white silk border. It was produced in Thailand in just two months; had it been handwoven, production would have taken at least three years. The main feature of the manual tufting method is that individual threads are not individually tied around a warp thread, but are shot from a tufting gun onto a prepared base material. Thanks to this technology, production times are shorter and it is possible to create carpets of a much larger size. The tufting process has now been refined to such an extent that almost every well-known Jan Kath design can be realized in this way. These carpets have a special depth and power of expression with their combination of winding and velour textures, diverse use of materials (silk, wool, rayon, and even hemp), and varied pile heights. For large projects, Jan Kath guarantees a delivery time of between 8 and 10 weeks including delivery, setting new standards in the tufting industry.

Product group: Bespoke floors Carpets
Designer: Jan Kath Design
Jan Kath Design GmbH
Friederikastr. 148
44789, Bochum
Phone: +49 234 94123 44
Fax: +49 234 94123 90
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