Hirsch Glass Profile

Since its establishment in 1992, Hirsch Glass has dedicated its efforts to designing and manufacturing quality stained glass products. Drawing from an extensive background in the crafting of Tiffany lamps and stained glass windows, the company’s focus has shifted recently towards decorative architectural glass, including glass mosaics, tiles and panels. From the company’s high capacity manufacturing facilities in China, Hirsch Glass aims to provide the most distinctive and elegant stained glass tiles, mosaics and panels available in the world.

All Hirsch Glass products have unique patterns and colors embedded throughout the glass, creating a truly three dimensional appearance. With the aid of a patented manufacturing process, the company is able to mix multi-colored glass at its molten state. As a result, the glass is produced in a wide variety of color depths and appearances. From classic to contemporary, simple to sophisticated, Hirsch Glass collections provide a wide range of colors, sizes, formats and textures that gives designers the freedom to create any atmosphere.

Hirsch Glass products can be applied to residential, commercial and hospitality projects. Many architects, designers, specifiers and property owners choose Hirsch Glass for a wide selection of readily available products that can be custom designed to fit any traditional or modern look. Hirsch Glass is committed to ensuring cost effective and timely solutions that will enhance the look of your next project.

In addition to being the largest stained glass manufacturer in China, Hirsch Glass provides exceptional customer service through its sales office and distribution center located in the United States. Our importer and distributor-friendly manufacturing program is supported with an OEM and private label product development initiative.

Product group: Wall coverings Natural stone Glass
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