Vitrocsa Profilo

Vitrocsa Facciate / Sistemi per facciate Finestre / Sistemi per finestre
For a minimalist architecture from an innate approach of mini perfection acquired in Swiss watchmaking and micromechanics development over the past few centuries

Our minimal window systems are the result of research with a view to creating a product that is:
The MOST simple
The MOST minimal
The MOST functional
The MOST reliable
The MOST rational

The MOST, the MOST, etc.

Paradoxical as it may seem, the search for all these MOSTs has only one purpose: to obtain the LEAST, the MOST LEASTs possible.

In practice, from a technical viewpoint, this results in a minimum of component types and quantities, e.g.:
SAME sections for the four sides of a window
SAME sections for fixed and sliding windows
SAME ball bearings for all systems

The SAME, the SAME, etc.

All these MOST – LEAST – SAME features ultimately aim at achieving:
Geometric simplicity
A contour often reduced to its simplest expression
A unit that is as pure as possible

In order to enable you, clients and architects, to produce the work designed by you

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