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An eventful 2010 comes to an end. We hope it was good for you, too!
We were particularly delighted to double once again our number of visitors, topping 30,000 a day. We'd therefore like to thank all of our users, clients, partners and friends for their inspiring and successful collaboration.
Our preparations for 2011 are already underway, which we hope you find useful and interesting:

- Architonic Fair Guides for BAU Munich and imm cologne as PDF downloads and now also as iPhone apps
- A feature on London architectural practice of the moment Carmody Groarke
- More news from our 'Architecture & Design' and 'News & Trends' sections

Let yourself be inspired and enjoy the holidays!

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Real Terms
The authentic approach of architects Carmody Groarke
    Real Terms  
Of the '7 July Memorial', located in London's Hyde Park, Andy Groarke says 'It's an incredibly humbling experience to design something that has to mean something, not only to the client but the wider requirements of society as a whole.'

'Emerging', 'the ones to watch' and 'the stars of tomorrow' are just some of the labels that have been applied of late to young London-based architectural practice Carmody Groarke. Founded just four years ago, the studio has more than proved its creative credentials by delivering a series of high-profile, conceptually strong projects, which serve to question as much as they resolve. As nice as it is to have one's work recognised, Kevin Carmody and Andy Groarke maintain that 'staying close to the projects in hand are the things which we concern ourselves with. Not what people are saying about us.' Here, Architonic invites them to speak for themselves...

Carmody Groarke's 7 July Memorial to London's 2005 terrorist attacks, the worst in its peacetime history. The practice made the bereaved families of the victims the project's direct clients

'To write a poem after Auschwitz is barbaric', wrote Adorno, the German social theorist and philosopher. Beyond the idea that lyric verse is an inappropriate, or rather, redundant cultural form following an event as horrific as the holocaust, it is the notion of the inadequacy of representation as a whole, in the face of the reality of such extreme trauma, that is being proposed here. How do you begin to represent the unimaginable?

Public space as temporary intervention: the pop-up, roof-top restaurant Studio Dining East, open for just three weeks earlier this year, afforded Londoners a visual purchase on the biggest building site in their city, the 2012 Olympic Park

London-based architects Kevin Carmody and Andy Groarke, who have in the four short years they've been in practice together completed an impressive and diverse series of conceptually toothy and socially and culturally relevant projects, are more than familiar with such a question.

A mere 18 months into running their own studio, they won a competition to design a permanent memorial to the victims of the London terrorist bombings of 7 July 2005. 'To get the opportunity to work on such an interesting project about issues of meaning, making and memory, and fundamentally what it is to be living in a contemporary city, was just too good to turn down,' says Groarke. Their proposal involved bringing the bereaved families into the creative process, making them the direct clients of the project. Next year, meanwhile, will see the opening of a memorial at London's Natural History Museum to those who died in the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami, which Carmody Groarke have also designed.
Architonic Guides 2011
Your handy companions to BAU and imm cologne, now available to download
As ever, Architonic will be at the most important fairs next year, more often than not with a stand. The first round of fairs kicks off in January with imm cologne and BAU. Our contribution to a stress-free fair visit for you is our useful Architonic Fair Guide. With plans of the exhibition halls, selected manufacturers and detailed information on events, the guides leave you fully prepared and save you valuable research time. They are available at the stands of all listed manufacturers, but can also be downloaded here.

  Architonic Guides 2011

Architonic Guides on your iPhone

Our popular, tried-and-tested Architonic Guide is made even more powerful through its digital companion - the 'Architonic Guide App' with 3D navigable hall plans, first presented at Orgatec 2010. Using its intuitive menu, users have the option of searching by manufacturer, branch or city event. When a manufacturers name is selected, a 3D-animated flight takes you through the exhibition halls to the relevant stand. Once you've 'landed', a pop-up tells you the hall and stand numbers, offers you a link to an overview of the manufacturer's products, and gives you the chance of compiling a favourites list, allowing you to plan an efficient day at the fair in advance, as well as helping you organise your work after the event. The 'Architonic Guide App' is available as a download from the iTunes Store a few weeks before the start of each relevant fair.

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New Projects from 'Architecture & Design'
Marge Arkitekter AB
  New Projects from 'Architecture & Design'  
'Villa J', photo by Johan Fowelin
Neri & Hu Design and Research Office
'THE WATERHOUSE', photo by Tuomas Uusheimo
Mierta & Kurt Lazzarini Architekten
Personalhaus des Spitals Oberengadin, photo by Mierta & Kurt Lazzarini Architekten
Fran Silvestre Arquitectos
'House on Mountainside', photo by Fernando Alda
APOLLO Architects & Associates
'EDGE', photo by Masao Nishikawa
AVA Architects
School Center Antas, photo by Barbosa & Benigno
'Casa Syntes', photo by Miguel de Guzmán
More Articles from 'News &Trends'

This Product Can Change Your Life: the d.light story
  More Articles from 'News &Trends'

Imagine, as a manufacturer, that your potential market is two billion consumers worldwide. This almost inconceivable figure is the ultimate scale of d.light's ambition, a consumer-products company set up by a pair of social entrepreneurs in 2007 to design and product lighting solutions for the one in four people on this planet who live without electricity.
Déjà Vu All Over Again: two design shows look back


Another year over. But don't get all misty-eyed. Apply that retrospection to some engaging design instead. Two exhibitions currently running, one at Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris, the other at the offices of MariniPandolfi/Comet in Florence, look back at the rapid expansion in design production and consumption in post-war France and the lighting designs of Italian design hero Vico Magistretti respectively. And retrospectively.
Bucharest: The 2010 Mix

In the world of design, China's rapid-manufacturing prowess and the oil-fuelled 'tabula rasa' urban developments of countries such as the UAE and Kazakhstan have given cause for thought in a typically Western-dominated field. But what of the countries bridging East and West?
Who? Me?: the multiple identities of Jephson Robb

His very first furniture design - for established American brand Bernhardt Design - is an exercise in form follows comfort. Once you're sitting on Jephson Robb's new 'Amri' chair, it's seriously hard to get up again. This invitation to stay put for a while is rather ironic, given the restless career of the Scottish artist-designer, which has seen him study at the Royal College of Art and work in London's finance sector, create a number of public artworks, design websites and develop a handy product for hairdressers. Confused? Then, read on.