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Sublime Baccarat Crystal!
Baccarat is a wildly contemporary lifestyle that not only glorifies beauty but takes it to excess. It’s a continuous fantasy, a poetic and sensual experience that sparkles on the skin, around a table or transforms space with its light!
Where does the Baccarat crystal’s luster come from? The air blown into the glass, the fire, telluric elements and love! Nothing has changed, or very little, since the creation of Baccarat: endowed with an immemorial savoir-faire, the highly skilled glassblowers give birth to a crystal that the artists, creators and designers evolve so brilliantly. They are the magicians of light and the instigators of the most beautiful illusions.
Although Baccarat crystal is synonymous with eternity it is reborn every time the collection has been put into the hands of the most modern designers. Audacious or humorous and eternally desirable shapes that are subtle variations of the company’s iconic pieces or esthetic symbols: this voyage from the past to the present illustrates Baccarat’s ambition to write in sparkling letters a lifestyle for today and tomorrow without compromising its heritage.
Endowed with glassworks, still located on the original site in Lorraine, its archives and precious historical heritage, the most prestigious crystal glasswork factory in the world is a fabulous source of inspiration to its collaborators and all the design leaders in search of something exceptional.
Baccarat crystal harmoniously combines the savoir-faire and creativity in both technique and art. Having followed and sometimes preceded all French society’s aesthetic and decorative evolutions, since its creation in the 20th century, the Baccarat has become a privileged venue where designers can express themselves freely. The total complicity between the artists and the craftsmen, their complementary working techniques and the richness of their ‘four hands’ collaboration have resulted ..


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