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Driade Mobiliario de hogar Mobiliario de oficina / hostelería Mobiliario de jardín / exterior Iluminación decorativa Accesorios de interior
Telling Driade's history means retracing the many stories that from the very beginning have developed around the brand. The most recent step in terms of the ongoing development of the company is its acquisition by ItalianCreationGroup, an industrial holding involved in acquiring and accelerating the growth of small-medium enterprises whose brands represent the excellence and essence of Italian creativity. The Group focuses on offering managerial support to Italian businesses that have stood out for their uniqueness, excellence and manufacturing quality, with the aim of maintaining them over time and of creating more opportunities for development in the global market. Brand concept will evolve through a strategic vision focusing on stressing Driade excellence and on intensifying its presence not just domestically, but also and especially abroad.
Giovanni Perissinotto and Stefano Core, founders of ItalianCreationGroup, take on respectively the roles of President and CEO of Driade, channeling into the company their experience and executive know-how acquired in leading international business settings. Fabio Genovese joined Driade after them, bringing 25 years of experience in important partnerships in the field of investment banking.

Established in 1968 thanks to the joint efforts of a founding group formed by Enrico Astori, Adelaide Acerbi and Antonia Astori, Driade asserts itself for the quality of its creative offer and an industrial policy heavily geared towards innovation, a synergy of three core designer elements: project planning, execution and advertising.
It is the story of a household legacy, in which the roles of its members soon branch out and each develop: Enrico Astori, the director behind the scenes; Antonia Astori, the designer, Adelaide Acerbi, in charge of the brand's coordinated image and communication. It’s an aesthetic laboratory that develops a deep research on the theme of the total living: furniture, equipment, accessories, objects. This marks the uniqueness of its proposal in the world of design.
The aesthetic laboratory was born from the desire to introduce experimentation in the industrial mass production. The pursuit of creativity in every product constitutes the very meaning of the company. Driade,in fact, has always involved people of culture, critics and historians of design, creating an environment of cultural events, exhibitions, meetings with designers to keep the debate alive. In the words of Renato De Fusco, in Driade "culture is not only a way to conceive the production, but the very purpose of the production itself "

The company has always been ahead of its times, through the scouting vocation of Enrico Astori who has led Driade to discover and propose new signs and trends, and who says now " If I can recognize some merits to Driade, they reside in its open mind, its ability to welcome , to listen, to grow in unexpected directions, to get global though with the strength of maintaining a high level of quality "
The story of Driade has been made by masters who have built important pieces of design history. It dates back to the '70s the long-term collaboration with some of the most significant Italian designers: Antonia Astori , Enzo Mari , Alessandro Mendini , are just some of the personalities with whom Driade creates a special collaboration . The journey continues with the international influences by Philippe Starck, who designs for Driade some of his most famous collections, Oscar Tusquets, Tokujin Yoshioka , Borek Sipek, Ron Arad, Patricia Urquiola and many others. Driade asserts also in world of contract and creates the layout of some of the most important hotels in the world : the Royalton Hotel and the Paramount Hotel in New York, the Meridien Hotel in Los Angeles.

Driade Mobiliario de hogar Mobiliario de oficina / hostelería Mobiliario de jardín / exterior Iluminación decorativa Accesorios de interior

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Diseñador: Ron Arad Antonia Astori Miki Astori Atelier Oï Bertocco & Locatelli Philippe Bestenheider Francesco Bolis Giorgio Bonaguro David Chipperfield Carlo Colombo Rodolfo Dordoni Terry Dwan Filippo Francescangeli Patrik Fredrikson Naoto Fukasawa Maurizio Galante Konstantin Grcic Gordon Guillaumier Christoph Hefti Tal Lancman Marta Laudani Lievore Altherr Molina Xavier Lust Enzo Mari Alessandro Mendini Nendo Patrick Norguet Fabio Novembre Ludovica Palomba Ludovica+Roberto Palomba Roberto Palomba Park Associati Christophe Pillet Eugeni Quitllet Paolo Rizzatto Antonio Rodriguez Marco Romanelli Francesco Rota Italo Rota Oki Sato Kazuyo Sejima Borek Sipek Fredrikson Stallard Ian Stallard Philippe Starck Matteo Thun Patricia Urquiola Nanda Vigo Tokujin Yoshioka Marco Zanuso jr.
Via Padana Inferiore, 12
29012, Fossadello di Caorso (PC)
Phone: +39 0523 818601 / 818650
Fax: +39 0523 822360
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