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The Scandinavian design scene is very much alive and in a healthy state. With our «Five favourites» series we will be presenting favourite items from the Stockholm Furniture Fair, selected by individual designers. Thomas Bernstrand, who is described in a brief portrait by design expert Christian Springfeldt, will kick off the series in this Newsletter.

We have also compiled a few new products from the Stockholm fair in the form of brief video statements, which enable the manufacturers to talk about their products themselves.

In addition to the tried and tested BAU exhibition in Munich we have been doing some research into interesting products in the construction field this year at Milan's MADE expo 2009, and highlight some useful discoveries directly from Milan.

«Mondays with Papst» is the title of the Walter Papst exhibition which has recently opened at Wilkhahn. We checked out the opening for you.

Be inspired!

Your Architonic Team
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The Five Favourites
«My five favourite things at the Stockholm Furniture Fair» - selected by Thomas Bernstand

At Stockholm Furniture Fair we asked a number of designers about their five favourite pieces there. These will be presented here in a series of articles, beginning with the favourites and comments of Thomas Bernstrand.

«This nice Italian gentleman has designed a folding armchair. The idea is an ingenious one, and it really works - an attractive concept for reducing the work involved in transport to a minimum, in a world that is looking for environmentally friendly solutions. The gentleman is called Mario Guidarelli, and works under the name of Skala Design.»

  The Five Favourites  
Mario Guidarelli alias Skala Design with his chair »Ubu«, prototype

«It doesn't get any simpler. This is why I like this table designed by Julia Läufer and Marcus Keichel.»

Folding table by Julia Läufer and Marcus Keichel, produced by Avarte

«Fredrik Färg created this folding device for hanging up clothes temporarily. The aim is to enable us to use clothes for longer without washing them, because after wearing they can be hung outside in the fresh air and then used again.»

Foldable hallstand by Fredrik Färg

«Highly promising design - a really impressive shelf system by Martin Born.»

Shelf system designed by Martin Born, prototype

«Playful, charming, very characteristic and yet so simple. I just love it!»

Side table out of aluminium by Daniel Enoksson, Jens Boldt, and Lucas Elander Hinnerud
Function, humour, proportions and style - Thomas Bernstrand!
by Christian Springfeldt

When Nils Becker phoned me a couple of hours ago to ask me if I could write a short portrait over Thomas Bernstrand my first thought was to say no. I'll never do it! Thomas has such a strong personality and integrity, and I was afraid to offend him. Or maybe because I might be completely wrong about him and his design. Maybe he is just playing around and trying to fool us?? Because Thomas is always surprising!!............. Anyway, finally I decided to write down my personal reflections and after a long walk with the dog this is what I came up with:

1. Thomas is probably some kind of a creative genius. He was born to be a jazz musician, fine artist, novelist or chef but did choose to work with design and architecture.
2. He can be charming, is good looking and almost always close to laughter.
3. He is one of the 3-4 best designers I have ever met (and I have met thousands)
4. He only works with people or companies that he likes.
5. He always starts with one of his special ideas about function.......
6. He chooses the material to work with.......
7. He adds a big portion of humour.......
8. Then mix it with a militant sense of proportions. Every millimetre or grade is of importance.
9. Shape it in his own personal style.......
10. And voilà.... a new Bernstrand design is ready to take off.

This might seem easy? But of course it isn't. Every designer (talented or not) tries to be unique, but very few manage to be it. Most designers are worried what others might think about them. Thomas Bernstrand couldn't care less. He trusts his heart. And his brain. And he always has the energy, lust and guts to find his own personal ways to do things.

MADE expo 2009
Milano Architettura Design Edilizia

We are familiar with Milan as a major centre for design during the Salone del Mobile. However, we also wanted to know how MADE expo, which specialises in products for the construction industry, is developing as a counterpart to Munich's BAU. With 200,000 visitors and 1,800 exhibitors it is only slightly smaller than the Munich fair (211,000 visitors and 1,924 exhibitors), but with a greater regional orientation towards Italy.

Both fairs enthusiastically reported record visitor numbers and don't seem to have been affected by the general mood of crisis. This allows us at least to hope that the many economic rescue packages really will help to produce a revival in the building industry. In terms of content both MADE and BAU provided a cross section of everything which is used in construction: facade design, windows, and interior furnishings such as floor coverings, bathroom fittings and wallpapers, together with some interesting new developments from the world of materials and new methods of processing them.
Much of this will now find its way into the Architonic Product Library. As a foretaste we have attached some interesting developments on the subject of facades, an area which impressed us as being especially innovative, with materials which we know from interiors or from furniture increasingly appearing on facades. The homogeneous design of roof and facade areas may well become a trend in architecture.

  MADE expo 2009  
DuPont™: Facade aus Corian® - Seeko`o Hotel, Bordeaux, France
Omnidecor: Facade made of DecorFlou® - Ncc Building, Arhous, Denmark
Swisspearl: Facade design, Product CARAT, Coryright: Jürg Zimmermann, Zürich, Switzerland
Florim: Floor Gres, Collection: Globe/1.0
"Mondays with Papst"
The Walter Papst exhibition at Wilkhahn

On 16 February 2009 the "Mondays with Papst" exhibition opened in the old boiler house on the Wilkhahn site in Bad Münder. The extensive body of work left behind by the designer and futurologist Walter Papst which is on display includes prototypes, models and drawings.

  "Mondays with Papst"  
"Mondays with Papst" in the old boiler house at Wilkhahn in Bad Münder, Germany

Admittedly, Bad Münder isn't Cologne, and eastern Westphalia isn't exactly a carnival hotspot. Nevertheless Paul Kamper, the eloquent Cologne artist and bosom friend of Walter Papst, had little difficulty in spreading some typical Rhineland sociability. With his amusing anecdotes about legendary carnival celebrations entitled "Mondays with Papst" he not only entertained his audience but in this way also explained the thought processes of the avant-garde carnival prince Walter Papst, which are sometimes difficult to follow.

The new edition of Papst´s "Dreibeiner"

Entirely in the spirit of the Bauhaus and with a clear awareness of the industrial changes of the period, for the graduate from Kiel's Muthesius school the 'social visionary experiment' is always the core of his designs. For example the three-legged "Brettstuhl" chair, his masterpiece, was conceived for use in schools and was intended to drive from schools the ergonomically dubious school benches which dated back to the days of the Kaiser. In the mid-Fifties Papst found strong support for his ideas from Fritz Hahne, at the time managing director of Wilkhahn. From 1955-1959 the three-legged chair, whose curved backrest, conical tapering rear legs and distinctively shaped seat provide a variety of seating options, was produced by Wilkhahn in a number of sizes. However, it never achieved large-scale use in schools.

The famous "Schaukelplastik"

At the end of the Fifties Walter Papst, too, discovered the versatility of plastics such as GFK and found himself confronted with new levels of design freedom. Parallel to the better-known pioneers of the age of plastic such as Verner Panton, Eero Saarinen and Luigi Colani, Walter Papst designed a series of children's furniture, culminating in the classic "Schaukelplastik" Rocking Sculpture. Based on the traditional rocking horse, the Papst variant is a formal abstraction of the wooden icon which enables the child - in the spirit of pedagogical views of the time - to decide for itself what kind of rocking creature it is playing with. The Rocking Sculpture was manufactured successfully by Wilkhahn for 12 years and last year, on the occasion of the company's 100-year anniversary, a new edition was produced in a slightly adapted form.

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Comments of Paul Kamper, bosom friend of Walter Papst and Franz Georg Habeth, Kunsthochschule Muthesius Kiel
New products from Stockholm

At the Stockholm Furniture Fair we have once more collected video statements for you about new trade fair products. The level of the new products awaiting discovery was conspicuously high.

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Acqwool, Andreas Severin, Managing Director
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Swedese, Kristina Farwig, Head of Sales
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Offecct, Anders Säterö-Jansson, Export Manager
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Tom Rossau, Tom Rossau, Designer and CEO
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Norman Copenhagen, Michael Rying, Brand Manager
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NC Möbler, Peter Åkeson, VD Production
More Articles from «News &Trends»

Le Corbusier's Cabanon
Exclusive UK launch of Le Corbusier's Cabanon at the RIBA
  More Articles from «News &Trends»

The Royal Institute of British Architects and Cassina present the exhibition "Le Corbusier's Cabanon".

Fitting Forward
Hand in hand with Fitting Tales

Fitting Forward is a new Hamburg concept store, in which Bitten Stetter and Jutta Südbeck cheekily show what is normally reported in hushed tones and where overall social design processes are reflected.

An intermediate space
'Landed' by Eric Degenhardt for Richard Lampert

At this year's imm cologne Degenhardt presented 'Landed', the prototype of a prefabricated house, in cooperation with Richard Lampert.

Never Ending Winter

At the moment design lovers have no choice but to look out of their carefully styled living rooms at their snow-covered balconies full of uninspired furniture and other articles from the local DIY store.

Maine Journal
Getting Underfoot with Angela Adams

No design tour of Maine is complete without a stop in Portland. This tiny city is the largest in the state. Somehow, that's emblematic.
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