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Eventually: After a long period of work the relaunch of went online with a new sophisticated structure and lots of new services. The most important news: Our library of selected architectural projects and architects' profiles.

'A rose is a rose' - this sentence does not apply to the dwelling objects by designer Tom Kühne. Free of universal expectations, he designs furniture with shapes deriving from their actual use. We met him at his Berlin studio.

Until 1st November we are at 'Neue Räume' in Zurich with our Concept Space ll. You are welcome to visit us!

Be inspired!

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Conjunction of Arcitecture and Design
Architonic Relaunch is online
After many months of intense development and realisation the comprehensive relaunch of went online. With the experience of almost seven years of Architonic our team of architects, IT-specialists and graphic designers has now structured the library for premium products and materials even clearer than before and extended it with many new services.
We hope that you now find what you are looking for even quicker and more precisely than before!

  Conjunction of Arcitecture and Design  
The new Architonic startpage

The redesign by the Zurich graphic designer Trix Barmettler supports the dynamic content and sets the focus onto the navigation of Products & Materials on the welcome page. This allows the user to access a visual product overview with only one click.

New: Architecture & Design
Space reaches its highest quality when architecture and product design form a unit. Architonic has been dedicating itself to this symbiotic interplay between project and product and is building up a comprehensive library of selected architectural projects under the category Architecture & Design.

New: Architecture Projects

For the architectural decision process, the effect of a product in the whole spatial context is essential. Therefore, Architonic links projects with the products applied, what creates a completely new source of information for architects, planners as well as for designers and manufacturers.

Linking of the projects and the applied products

Apply now with your best or most recent project. With a positive decision of our jury you will have the chance to publish 10 projects for free as an 'invited architect'.

Architonic Professional
With your free login you can now benefit from following new services:
- List of favourites (save and manage your own compilations of products)
- Download of CAD-files
- Automatic entry of your contact data when making a request
- The actual Architonic Poster as a free welcome gift
"It's all about the performance"
Interview with the German Designer Tom Kühne
When Tom Kühne, originally an interior designer who was born and raised on the coast, talks about sailing and his fascination for boats, you get an idea of where his momentous but still functional works derive from. We met him at his Berlin studio.

  "It's all about the performance"  
Tom Kühne, 'Hellebarde'

Tom, you have created architecture for a long time. In what way does this influence your work as a designer?
As with many other architects the design is being strongly influenced. You literally speak of architects' design. So you just feel if an object was created by a trained industrial designer or rather by an architect. Because an architect is used to thinking in bigger dimensions, he doesn't give that much attention to detail and the form of an object. He has a rather skeptical approach to design and tries to integrate other parameters. A designer doesn't fundamentally question the function, but tries to revive it with a bold form. The architect is obsessed with philosophic thoughts about behaviours, spaces for movement and everyday functionality, obviously with various degrees of success.

And that has to to do with the Dimensions?
Of course. The architect is a general planner and the bigger the matter he is planning, the more conscious he becomes about the processes involved. He has to consider time, space and approaches. He always has to bare the parameters which can influence the procedure in mind. All of this together has a higher complexity. This leads to solutions which indeed express themselves in a certain style, but point out to the actual application stronger. And exactly that is what my objects shall do.
'Wohnwagen' by Tom Kühne

Your dwelling objects move away from the established prospect. Doing this, you seem to be inventing completely new types of furniture as for example the "Wohnwagen". What exactly is your goal creating those dwelling objects? And what is your approach to this?
It's all about performance. You could say, I see the use the object highly stylised. We are actually not aware of the meaning of handling as well as the meaning of an objects independent existence. The rituals of Zen Buddhism clarify this fact. A good example is the art of archery. What is the point there? The point is to empathise the course of movement and to bring it to perfection step by step. Thereby you gain consciousness of the extensive interaction between your own body and the bow. Only such consciousness allows a deeper relationship to items: you start to appreciate them, you develop feelings. With my objects I want to implement such association with things.

Can you explain this process of conditioning on the basis of one of your objects?
I have developed a light which you carry like a flag or a torch. The illuminant soars above your head as a trophy. It demonstrates solemn might and emblematises the power over light like a torch. In contrast to this, the light has the weakness to fall over when not supported by a wall. The lance-like rod suggests further power blended with slick elegance - the one of a weapon - also resembling the handling of a stick. You will find various associations. The more there are, the more emotional the response towards the object will be.
Neue Räume
For the third time Architonic is represented at the international dwelling and furniture fair 'neue räume' in Zurich. We are looking forward to meeting you in our Concept Space II until 1st November. In the next issue of our newsletter we will cover this atmospheric event and our Relaunch Party in detail.

  Neue Räume
Architonic goes Twitter
New! Architonic is now on Twitter and reports with updates on the latest product news and developments.

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