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Dorotheum-Four-fold screen

Estimated value: 7000-9000 EUR


Sales date: 2003-05-06

Vienna, Austria

Lot number: 259


Egon Eiermann
Launched in 1968

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A four-fold screen, designed in 1968 by Egon Eiermann for the Lower House of the German Bundestag in Bonn, natural wooden frame, stained, white matted perforated plywood panels, height 142 cm, length 257 cm.
This screen was produced in a limited edition and exclusively made for the Lower House of the German Parliament.
Literature: Ph. Garner, Sixties Design, Cologne 1996, pages 38/39 (illustration of the lobby) - Egon Eiermann, Badisches Landesmuseum, Karlsruhe 1999, page 169, fig. 189 - Sembach - Leuthäuser - Gössel, Möbeldesign des 20. Jahrhunderts, Cologne 1993, page 190.

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