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Wilkhahn Design Archiv-360/2 Chair

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Walter Papst
Launched in 1955 - 1959
Manufacturer Wilkhahn, Germany

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Seat Wood Beech natural finish
Back Wood Beech natural finish
Frame Wood Beech natural finish, three-legged

A traditional milking stool served as a model for this innovative chair. The three-legged chair, with a simple appearance, comprised a wooden structure that was produced in different sizes for children and for adults. The two rear legs formed the support structure for the backrest. The concept allowed varying sitting positions and thus was an early version of a chair that considered ergonomic requirements.

Dimensions, Model Nr.
Seat height 46 cm 360/1
Seat height 43 cm 360/2
Seat height 39 cm 360/3
Seat height 35 cm 360/4
Seat height 31 cm 360/5

List price 21.80 DM (Price List 38 − 1950s)

Production period:
from 1955 to 1959

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