• For advertising on and in our newsletters
    Advertise your new product, services or event to an annual 16 million architects, interior designers, property owners and design enthusiasts – targeted to a specific country and language and with a success rate you can measure! To guarantee you and our readers a high-quality environment we reserve the right to check the brand and content of all advertising. As soon as we receive your enquiry we will send you our media data and then develop an optimum campaign together with you for the achievement of your communications targets.

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  • For manufacturers
    Present your products to the daily 200'000 specialist visitors such as architects, planners and property owners who view the Architonic network consisting of, the Architonic apps , the Virtual Showrooms of your specialist dealers and As an Architonic Member you can then in only six weeks make your company presentation available to customers in your own app in the AppStore and in GooglePlay – without any further programming or the need to read in data. We will be happy to check if your products and services will be of interest to our target groups and meet their quality criteria, after which we'll be happy to make you an individual offer.

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  • For retailers
    Turn your website into an attractive service for your customers and your staff. We'll be happy to create for you a made-to-measure Virtual Showroom which will be regularly updated and fully integrated into your website in line with your corporate design. You can also offer your Virtual Showroom as a mobile app for the iPhone and iPad or for Android devices – a useful service for in-showroom consulting and for customer use at home. In addition we'll be happy to present your company profile on and recommend you as a point of sale for all the products of the manufacturers you represent. In this way you will acquire more customers and optimise your positioning with Google.

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  • For agencies
    Acquire new customers with your presentation on Architonic! We will display you as an official country sales agency next to all the products of your manufacturers, which significantly enhances the visibility of your agency – for potential new retailers, too. Your presence here will also have a positive impact on your positioning with Google. In addition we will be happy to create for you a tailor-made Virtual Showroom which will integrate the products of your manufacturers into your website and constantly update them.

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  • For PR agencies
    We highlight you as the press contact right next to all the products of the brands you support! With a profile of your own we enable you to present yourself to journalists and potential customers and enhance your positioning with Google.

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  • For trade fairs and festivals
    With Architonic you will acquire expert visitors for your trade fair or event, including architects, interior designers, property owners and specialist retailers! For the purpose of acquiring new exhibitors Architonic provides you with direct access to more than 1,200 premium brands. We'll be happy to develop with you a campaign which will be the perfect match for your requirements.

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  • For architects and designers
    Present your company and your current projects to selected fellow architects and designers as well as property owners, journalists and manufacturers! We'll be happy to check if your details meet the requirements for presentation among the world's top designers and projects. Because demand is usually heavy we apologise in the event of any waiting times incurred. Inclusion will be by invitation or after a check by our jury.

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  • For journalists
    Greater visibility, more jobs! With an exclusive profile on Architonic you can present your expertise and articles to 44,000 visitors daily, giving you the opportunity to establish valuable contacts with architects, the trade media and manufacturers. In addition your texts will be intelligently linked with the products and projects which are mentioned in them, thus generating even greater depth of information and relevance with Google. Inclusion will be by invitation or after a check by our jury.

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  • For general questions, words of praise or criticism
    If you know of any manufacturers, designers or projects which in your opinion deserve to be on Architonic but aren't represented there yet, or if you wish to offer criticism or a suggestion for improvements – please don't hesitate. We value your opinion!

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