Nicola from Bern

Bern | Since 2005


Switzerland | Completed 2010

Considering the current times, when design intelligence is more important than design output, how to translate it into reality becomes critical. Rearranged suggests an alternative to the established design and by diversifying the existing, it fulfils the need for new. The Charles and Ray Eames Plastic Chair was an easy choice since it has already been conceived under the principle of adaptability so by exchanging the base, the piece naturally develops.
Base: sheet metal, powder-coated
Shell: Plastic Chair Series, by Charles and Ray Eames
Availability: bases are single copies; shells available at Vitra.

Rearranged was especially made for Apartamento issue #5.

According to the most radical representatives of the environmental movement, sacrifice is proclaimed to be the most effective attitude to preserve habitat for future generations. There is nothing to be objected to the efficiency of such an approach. However, there is considerable doubt about the social approval of renunciation. In a capitalistic world the necessity of novelties is – and will be – part of the consumer’s DNA. As time is running out there has to be a more immediate solution helping to turn away from profusion and extravagance.
Rearranged tries to demonstrate the potential of an alternative mentality to the established design industry in order to encourage them to alter the traditional perspective of product development already today. Why launching products with identical performance on an annual basis when there are well-known designs within the same enterprise? Many design classics were designed with the highest degree of flexibility and adaptability in mind, but their huge success and the resulting request for preservation made it difficult for the companies to do other than establishing an untouchable status.
With Charles and Ray Eames’ Plastic Chair Series I not only attempt to proof the feasibility but to highlight ecological and economical benefits of Rearranged as well. As an intermediate setup, the existing infrastructure can be maintained while adding just fractional diversification.

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