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Flock Project / Flock Association of Europe

Germany | Prototype 2004

speziell®-Flock Project / Flock Association of Europe
*Product development and image campaign

To present the potential of flock as a surface coating to the general public, an image campaign was developed for the Flock Association of Europe. This campaign was based on our product designs, which incorporate the various functional benefits of flock in a decorative manner. We also produced high-quality informational material that demonstrates the properties of flock based on sample products and explains the technical process of electrostatic flocking. Speziell presented its designs at various consumer goods fairs, thus attracting the attention of multipliers – such as lifestyle and design magazines – and manufacturers of design-oriented consumer goods. Thanks to this exposure, flock garnered a lot of attention in the subsequent years and this opened up new business areas for service providers using flock.

Flocked cabinets: The flocked guiding rails fulfil two functions – they fix the stacked elements of the cabinet and provide a smooth slide for the drawers.

Jewellery rings: The flocking fibres are pleasantly soft to the touch, make the ring size easily variable and are especially kind to the skin.

Tray: The tray design incorporates the intensive colouring of flocking. It forms a delightful contrast to the white lacquer and at the same time protects the furniture surface.

Lamp: The partially matted lampshade rests on a central axis. The emission of light can be altered by turning. The flocked layer serves as a bed for the glass shade and as a bearing for turning/sliding.

Wallpaper: The flocked designs have a textile surface feel and create an illusion of depth.

Project partners:

Flock Association of Europe
speziell®-Flock Project / Flock Association of Europe
speziell®-Flock Project / Flock Association of Europe
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