Silvia Decke

München | Since 1996

Eight F - Fashion-Store for women

Schwetzingen | Germany | Completed 2009

To transform a monument-protected property by its historical premises to a high-quality fashion shop for womens appereal, proved as challenge and honour by keeping all monument details. Eight F stands not only for the name of the business, but also for the house number of the former 'Marstallkaserne'.

The objective was to support the clear symmetrical structure and combine the existing space with the interior decoration, relying to the existence of the lean ascetical elements. The wooden balustrades of the loft, the halation, the stairway hand rails, its appropriate color design were in the main focus with the authorities concerned about the conservation aspects. In addtion to the oversized front windows, which a retailer can only dream about.

The stores centerpoint is undisputedly the circular customer sofa, serving also as a decoration focus with its champagne-colored painted surfaces and perfectly matching upholstered seats. A sovereign place for decorating and for staying and relaxing at the same time. Here one can enjoy the more than 8 meters high air space with its oversized, modern chandelier. This captivating light object with the corresponding loungesofa became an extraordinary eyecatcher and binds alraedy both, customers and window shoppers, before they enter the store.

Consciously considered as a counterpoint to the irradiant sales room, the changing rooms in the side tract are seprating itself by the texture and the dark, warm anthracite colored surface and the mystical lighting effects.

What a wonderful challenge to liaise history with today's architecture … and getting the reassuring feeling that it always has been like that..

Publication project Eight F:

"Handbuch Innenarchitektur 2010/2011 – BDIA“, publisher: Callwey Verlag


Petra Kaltschmitt, Schwetzingen

Project partners:

Eingesetzte Produkte (Lampe):
Zoom XL – Serienlighting, Rodgau, Germany
Project address

Carl-Theodor-Strasse 8F, 68723 Schwetzingen

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