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50 Eldridge #7, 10002 New York, United States
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We do Architecture, industrial Design and Urban Planning from our base in Chinatown -Manhattan since 2008. We operate responsibly in the context of contemporary urban culture trying to provide a competitive combination of traditional old school practice, American pragmatism and emotional personal expression …all dressed in a post punk mood without complexes. We don’t work from the traditional perspective of performing a service but from the desire to offer a unique product.

Considering Economy as the main conceptual currency in this global society our goal is to build. We draw thinking in construction and structure …we draw buildings. We don’t believe an architecture venture is possible at this time considering design and construction as two different processes. We don’t build cheap, we design smart. New economies, new standards and sustainability are variables that force us to refuse the 90’s wide angle idea everything is possible. We don’t offer several options. We offer one solution.

The new complexities are absorbed through a successful collaborative practice. Definition of the parts, compatibility of the structures and fluent communication are the key. Collaboration is not possible with a stomach that wants to read or with eyes that want to eat fries. At the same time, seeming contradictory, Collaborative work is only possible if the parts are completely defined but in continuous evolution and movement. Evolution and adaptation of the parts are concepts we like and we use in a practice in continuous unpredictable changing conditions. This implies that some times, we don’t look for professionals or experienced collaborators if not for newcomers.

We don’t think contemporary architecture is possible under a regime of democratic sentimentalities but under the gidance of an organic conceptual evolution. Pre established concepts and preconceived positions are warranty of Mediocrity and wrong strategies. From a market point of view Mediocrity probably still is possible to export from Guangzhou but not from New York. Respect to the new conditions, acceptance of the not-rules, and desire of personal expression are key of our strength.

We work only with clients that need an architect. This sound redundant but is not at all. Big part of the people that look for an architect is looking for something else. In that way our practice is very old fashioned. We don’t work for clients that have lost the desire to crystallize in their own space … We do projects for free man and free woman or for the ones not yet free but with a strong desire for freedom. At the end freedom is the main Value we should be able to export from America. This is not a manifesto if no more a marketing strategy. We love freedom and Freedom is business.

We have found in Chinatown a Local-global place. We can walk to Wall Street and eat cheaper than in Calcutta …we are in the city and we believe in big dense cities as the most sustainable human settlement we believe in New York as the one very specific position in this global structure.