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Amsterdam | Since 1995 | Employees 16

Venhoeven CS
Hoogte Kadijk 143 F15, 1018 BH Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Ton Venhoeven

Professor Ton Venhoeven, founder-architect of VenhoevenCS, is also the National Government advisor on Infrastructure, member of the Advisory Board Dutch Centre for Health Assets, part of TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Knowledge), and until 2009 he was professor Architectural History and Theory at the Technical University of Eindhoven.


VenhoevenCS is an ambitious and innovative office for sustainable architecture, urban planning and infrastructure. In our view, research into all aspects of sustainable cities is important. Our research focuses on the design of self-supporting cities and emission free buildings, on the development of micro-networks that make recycling and synergy possible, on the revitalization of building types, multiple land utilization, concentrated building and innovative facade concepts. We believe that the social and cultural aspects in all these subjects are of big importance. The CS in our name refers to it.

Our projects are the result of intense cooperation with our clients. Each design is ‘custom made’, specifically tailored to the site, the program, the budget and the users. Our challenge is to create an inspiring collaboration with clients and advisors to make the best out of every project. Because of our broad experience and expertise, VenhoevenCS is often invited for complex design projects. Our strong point is creating extraordinary architecture within ordinary budgets.

VenhoevenCS is an office with projects on various fields of activity. We design houses, offices, industrial buildings, sports facilities, healthcare facilities, interiors, schools, infrastructure and urban plans. Incidentally we take part in art exhibitions and theatre productions. The office was founded in 1998 and now exists of 20 architects and urban planners, 2 staff members and often 2 trainees. VenhoevenCS is in the top-ten of top offices in The Netherlands.


The first monograph of VenhoevenCS was published in July 2009: The Wonderful World of VenhoevenCS Architects
(ISBN 978-9059730731)


2009 nomination Arie Keppler Award – Den Helder Fire station
2008 nomination Most Sustainable Public Building of Amsterdam - Sportplaza Mercator
2008 nomination Golden AAP 2008 - De Drie Bouwmeesters in Amsterdam
2007 Rietveld Award 2007 - Forum ’t Zand, Leidsche Rijn in Utrecht
2007 nomination Zuiderkerk Award 2007 - De Drie Bouwmeesters in Amsterdam
2007 Perspective Award 2006 - Forum ’t Zand, Leidsche Rijn in Utrecht
2007 nomination Architect of the year 2006-2007 Architekten Werk
2006 Freddy, First prize best architecture website of the Netherlands
2006 nomination Dutch Construction Award 2007 in the category Buildings - Sportplaza Mercator in Amsterdam
2006 nomination European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture Mies van der Rohe Award 2007 – Sportplaza Mercator in Amsterdam
2006 nomination School Construction Award 2006 – Forum ’t Zand, Leidsche Rijn
2004 nomination Mies van der Rohe Award – Laboratory of the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, Zwijndrecht
2004 1st prize for the ‘Future Hospitals: competitive and healing’ – Core Hospital
2004 5th prize in the call for tenders ‘European Patent Office’, Rijswijk
2004 nomination Spatial Quality Award Zuid-Holland - Laboratory of the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, Zwijndrecht
1998 Zuiderkerk Award - U2, Geuzenveld, Amsterdam
1998 1st prize competition 10-year anniversary Netherlands Architecture institute (NAi), Rotterdam – Blasio bouncy castle
1994 NUSO Trophy – Playground Heijplaat