Suriya Umpansiriratana


48/381 Wangthong Village 2, Sareethai 33, Klongkum Bungkum, 10240 Bangkok, Thailand
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Suriya Umpansiriratana
Suriya Umpansiriratana


Before practicing architecture seriously, I have done many things such as architectural rendering, crafting, Thai painting, sculpture and landscape designing. Because of my strong belief in Buddhism and after having an opportunity to practice meditation, I decided to sacrifice myself doing architecture as for charity to the monastery. There are many things inspired me through long-time experience including ; the childhood memory ,the sound of chanting and even the sound of silence when doing meditation , In addition that I grew up in beautiful nature and culture, I put all these into architecture . That is apart from collaborating with other talented persons from diversity fields.

About my work, you can see almost all temples over the country of Thailand that they always have traditional style of buildings, but my creativity in architectural and context design of those of my projects are keen to challenge those kind of thing in term of ordering and resulting. To the public the design is extremely modern that I compare the buildings as a body while its meaning is mind .Truly, the body is transforming or even destroyed. There is only its meanings remained.
And only when ones experience within can perceive the original meanings.