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Paolo Pasquini Architetti
Corso Sempione 9, Piazzale Lugano 19, 20145 Milano, Italy
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studio elementare
Paolo Pasquini

Paolo Pasquini was born in Pisa in 1968, graduated in Florence in 1995 and, after a first working period in Pisa ( exhibition design for the Historic Gallery at the Natural History Museum of the Certosa di Pisa), he gains experience in Milan thanks to the collaboration with architect Italo Rota (Audiovisual Library of S. Sisto in Perugia, design and planning contest for the Nuovo Museo del Novecento in Milan), and with Aukett+Garretti, the new Italian office of Aukett Europe (Bodio Center business park in Milan, ideas contest for the New Exhibition Grounds in Milan).
Precious fruits are yielded by the aggregate of the two different professional attitudes: the stubborn search of a significant project for the life of each man and of the community; the professionalism as a moral choice at the service of the client,.
In 2002 Enel Green Power employ Paolo Pasquini for some experimental projects to integrate photovoltaic elements in architecture; the most interesting, although never built, is a greenhouse with a decorative-educational aim, the Butterfly Conservatory, at Diga di Alento – Salerno.
From 2004 he starts a steady collaboration with Europa Risorse that gives him the opportunity to experiment the very first steps of creative autonomy and see them being built.

Creation of the Maciachini Masterplan: urban planning design of the regeneration of the Carlo Erba abandoned industrial area in Milan.
In particular the plan included a large business park, a piazza with retail activities and a green central area with a large fitness centre, restaurants and a theatre with the adjacent puppets museum. It was therefore necessary to redesign the previous urban fabric and the road network. , The work included the definition of the design guide lines of the buildings within the plan.
The masterplan was the base for the definition of the permitting agreement between the Owner and the Municipality - built space above ground 95,000 sqm

Food Park: Design and artistic direction of the Food Park, two buildings dedicated to a free flow restaurant and a pizzeria – bar – library for a total of 1,000 sqm in addition to the external landscaping works extending on a 5,000 sqm garden within the Maciachini master plan (Milan)

2007 up until today
planning and design of a residential complex in in Via Lamarmora (Brescia) for about 20,000 sqm. plus the landscaping design of the public park of about 30,000 sqm. Planning and architectural design in conjunction with arch. Camillo Botticini from Brescia.

2008 up until today
Design and planning of a Landscape Urban Plan in Marina Velca at Tarquinia (VT) for a total of 28,000 sqm. Holiday homes, ancillary buildings and extension of the golf course from 9 to 18 holes including a new club house.

Besides the above mentioned projects , completely built or currently in progress or being permitted, there are many feasibility studies or contests: restructuring of the two FS towers above the Garibaldi Station in Milan, 33,000 sqm. of retail and office spaces, rehabilitation of a former office tower into a hotel in via Tazzoli in Milan, 10,000 sqm., Macons building in the centre of Bucharest, including residencial and retail units; several plots and residential buildings in Milan and Rome, several masterplan studies: Concesio (Brescia) 40,000 sqm. of residential and retail buildings plus a hotel, Foligno 21,000 sqm. of residences and shops, Padua 68,000sqm of residential buildings and a retail park, Grado 81,000 sqm of residential and hotel buildings, and Paese (Treviso) 150,000 sqm. including residential buildings, hotels and a new model of retail centre called Life Style Center, already experimented in the USA but thought for the first time in Europe.


The activity of the studio is improved by experiences in art direction, exhibitions design and interior design. Such activities are always very useful occasions to test in a very short time the formal and functional research elements that are interesting for the studio. Several exhibition stands have been designed for the Expo Italia Real Estate annual exhibition, some private apartments and offices like the extension of the Italian offices of Doughty Hanson & Co., this activity often involve as a first step a very important space planning exercise like in the new Italian headquarters of Levi’s Strauss & Co, in Milan.
The prolonged experience with a developer brings PP and his collaborators , coming from experiences in international studios, to always consider the design activity as an occasion to add value to the property under development.
In particular arch. Cinzia Catena and arch. Enrico Arrighetti are integral part of the studio and they are the leaders of each project, the reference persons for the management both of internal and external collaborators.
The usual synergy with important law firms specialised in permitting, construction design firms and market experts both in residential and retail can guarantee a full service package.