Shun Hirayama Architecture

Tokyo | Since 2006

Shun Hirayama Architecture
Takahashi building 302, Nishihara Shibuya-ku, 2-4-10 Tokyo, Japan
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Shun Hirayama

1974 Born in Kanagawa Prefecture
1998 Graduated from the University of Hosei
2001 Completed the Master Course of Architecture
2002-05 Worked at Jun Aoki & Associates
2006 Shun Hirayama Architecture Associates

Shun Hirayama Architecture


JIA East Japan Competition, Special prize
Univercity Of Waseda,Cinema Course, Grand prize
CG Design Competition, Winning prize
Living Design Competition, 3rd prize
Daikanyama Installation, Grand prize
Tokyo Design Premio, Checoti-corettione prize
Future Sofa Design Competition, Winning prize
Juery Competition Itami, Winning prize
Koizumi International Lighting Competition, Winning prize
Komatu Sign Design Competition, Winning prize
Advan Stone Architecture Competition, Grand prize
Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial, Grand prize
Takiron International  Competition, Winning prize