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Los Angeles | Since 2000 | Employees 8

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MAKE Architecture
Jess Mullen-Carey, William Beauter


MAKE was formed as a collaborative Architecture and Design firm by Jess Mullen-Carey and Bill Beauter in the year 2000. From the onset, the intent of MAKE has been to thoroughly analyze and understand the specific issues required to develop a resolution to a variety of design problems. Our focus is uniquely broad and extends from Architecture to furniture, products and graphics design. Exploration of each of these facets of design continually results in informing and expanding the understanding of each other facet of design.


We are often asked why we have selected the name MAKE. As a firm we are interested in the active nature of the design process for each project as well as the inherent potential and specific unique characteristics within. The PROCESS is an active collaboration between the Client and Architect in order to fulfill the needs and ultimate potential of each design problem or project. Our DESIGN PROCESS intends to result in the act of MAKING a tangible form specifically tailored to satisfy the needs and desires of each Client. No word or phrase more succinctly states how we feel the Architect should ACTIVELY ENGAGE each project than MAKE.