Loos Architects
Oosterdokskade 5 / 814, 1011 AD Amsterdam, Netherlands
Phone +31 203 300 128
Fax +31 206 207 600


Miguel Loos, Architekt TU


LOOS ARCHITECTS is an office for urbanism, architecture and interior design. We design exceptional standards, sculptural simplicity, refined roughness and expressive subtlety.

LOOS ARCHITECTS has broad experience in producing projects which contribute as much to the field of architecture as to the individual goals and needs of our clients.

We believe that a meaningful project can only be achieved through intensive and synergetic teamwork with an ambitious client and dedicated technical advisors. We are proud that we may collaborate with some of the most acclaimed clients in The Netherlands and abroad, advising, designing and realizing projects for them.


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Idea competition Royaal Wonen, SEV, 2001, Casco City, 1st prize


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