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julian king architect
304 Hudson Street 6th flr, NY 10013 New York, United States
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julian king architect
Julian King, AIA LEED AP
Christina Lyons


Raising the everyday into the sublime

Our office strives to make meaningful architecture; rooted in its context of time and place, and capable of re-shaping, completing, or revealing what is present but without artifice-the way a subtle bend in tall grass makes an imperceivable breeze visible.

We do not have a style, but rather a reverence for the simple and timeless beauty of an inspired idea. A work of architecture, instilled with the poetic, is capable of extending those fleeting moments when sunlight upon the stones touches our hearts-when we are truly alive, and raising the mundane rituals of the everyday into the sublime.


Japan Architect
Shinkenchiku Magazine
Architectural Record
Competitions Magazine
Fabric Architecture Magazine
Architonic ("Attractive LED Lamps, and some new prototypes")
Business Week Magazine
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first place: Shinkenchiku International Residential Design Competition
second place: Art and Architecture Competition
finalist: The Martin Luther King Jr Memorial International Competition


Tuscany barn selected in an international competition on Art and Architecture to be exhibited in The Somerset Contemporary Museum of Art,
in Somerset, NJ beginning Sept. 10th.