Jarosch Architektur

Darmstadt | Since 2005

Gardistenstraße 7, 64289 Darmstadt, Germany
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Jarosch Architektur
Nikola Jarosch, Dipl. Ing. Architektin

Nikola Jarosch lives and works in Darmstadt, Germany. Born in Opava, Czechoslovakia, she studied architecture at Darmstadt Technical University and spent two semesters in New York. In working teams at Peter Eisenman Architects and Daniel Rowen Architects, both N.Y., she gathered architectural practice experience. Rowen’s minimalistic and functional architecture vocabulary influenced her strongly. She acquired a more comprehensive perception of form during a practical excursus in a studio for product design in Manhattan. After her diploma in Darmstadt in 2003 she freelanced there and in Frankfurt. In 2005 the office Jarosch Architektur was founded.

Herbert Jarosch, Dipl. Ing. Architekt

Herbert Jarosch, born in Opava, Czechoslovakia, started his studies in 2000 at Darmstadt Technical University TUD. Between 2005 and 2006 he spent an academic year at Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto FAUP. Subsequently he applied himself to camera work and film editing as a freelancer, besides jobs for several architecture firms. This parallel devotion to visual communication and architecture granted him access to new conceptual approaches. In the year of his final degree he already was engaged to a high degree in the projects of the office Jarosch Architektur. Since his diploma at TUD in summer 2008 his is partner of Jarosch Architektur.