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Hosoya Schaefer Architects
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Hiromi Hosoya, MArch, BA, BFA

HIROMI HOSOYA is a founding partner of Hosoya Schaefer Architects, a Zurich based office for architecture, urban design and research since 2003. The office has won several first prizes and is working on a wide spectrum of projects such as a 230 ha masterplan in Ljubljana, mobility research for Volkswagen or train stations in Toronto. In Switzerland, the office won first prizes for the Airport Engadin and the train station area St. Moritz. In 2012, the office organized a symposium, “Learning From Tokyo”, in Zürich and won the first prizes for urban design projects in Wil West, and also in the Brisgi area in Baden. She graduated from the GSD with the research diploma “Harvard Guide to Shopping” with Rem Koolhaas in 1998, and afterwords worked for Toyo Ito & Associates in Tokyo until she became independent.
She has taught interdisciplinary design studios at Cornell University in 2005 and 2006, and was a professor at the Akademie der bildenden Künste in Vienna from 2007 till 2012. In 2011, she has taught an advanced option studio at the Harvard graduate school of design.

Markus Schaefer, MScie, MArch, SIA/Reg. A

MARKUS SCHAEFER has a Masters of Architecture from Harvard University. In addition, he also has a Masters in Neurobiology from the University of Zürich. At Harvard, he first collaborated with his current partner Hiromi Hosoya on the Harvard Guide to Shopping, edited by Rem Koolhaas et al. and published by Taschen in 2001. Prior to founding Hosoya Schaefer, Markus Schaefer was a director of AMO in Rotterdam. AMO is the think tank and research department of OMA, the architecture office established by Rem Koolhaas.
Both with work at OMA and at Hosoya Schaefer, Markus Schaefer has won several international awards. He lectures and publishes regularly. He is also partner and head of research at City TrackerX AG, a privately funded research and development company aiming at a real-time performance analysis of cities.


HOSOYA SCHAEFER is a Zürich-based studio for architectural designs, strategies, and research. It was founded by Markus Schaefer and Hiromi Hosoya in 2003. With an international network of collaborators, the studio is involved in building design and realization, urban design, media installations, strategic planning, and consulting.
For us, architecture is a process of constant inquiry. We try to develop a clear and specific solution for each project. Along the way, we frequently discover wisdom that has already been formulated. However, more and more often, innovation becomes apparent, especially in the recombination of existing ideas. We work with clients and partners who come to us with unusual questions, which we approach with interdisciplinary responses. To facilitate this method, we have built an international network of innovative people and offices with whom we regularly cooperate. Novelty is therefore not an end in and of itself but rather a response to changing conditions and the uncertainty of the future. With innovation as a core competence, the office's sphere of activity is broad. We work on city planning, architecture, media installations, and films. Our projects include innovation parks, a 230-ha Masterplan in Slovenia, Europeís highest altitude airport, a train station at a UNESCO World Heritage Site, four train stations in Toronto, ready-made paper houses, the news studio for ZDF in Germany, or films about mobility for Volkswagen. We are rationally optimistic and see space, buildings, and cities as parts of a larger whole, a system that it is imperative to understand and to design intelligently.


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2014 iF Communication Design Award
2013 Red Dot Communication Design Award - Grand Prix
2013 Mobiglobe Filme in Program “Cinemambiente”, Turin and “Deauville Green Awards”, France
2011 Red Dot Communication Design Award - Gold
2011 iF Communication Design Award - Gold
2011 German Design Award - Nomination
2008 Holcim Award - Honourable mention Europa
2008 Contractworld Award - “New Generation”


2014 Museum für Kommunikation Berlin: “Best Communication Design – Red Dot Winners Selection 2013“
2013 Boston, MA, USA; Accra, Ghana; Santa Cruz, Bolivia: “Post-Oil City: The History of the City’s Future”
2012 Architekturforum Zürich: “Learning from Tokyo” (Symposium and Exhibition)
2010 Venice Biennale: “Leichtraum” (Installation in Austrian Pavilion)
2009 Architekturzentrum Wien: “Balkanology: New Architecture and Urban Phenomena in South Eastern Europe”
2008 Swiss Architecture Museum: “Balkanology: New Architecture and Urban Phenomena in South Eastern Europe”
2006 Venice Biennale: “Beyond Mapping” (with the Berlage Institute, Rotterdam)
2006 Ljubljana City Hall: ‘Light Capital: Urban Scripts for Ljubljana’ (with the Berlage Institute, Rotterdam)
2006 Cornell University, Ithaka, NY: “Japan Now”
2005 Kulturzentrum Seedamm, Pfäffikon SZ: „Mapping Switzerland“
2004 Groningen: „The Intense Stad“, ‘Vondellaan te Groningen’

Additional information

Selected projects
2014 - Swiss National Innovation park, Dübendorf (1st rank) / Urban design / 71 ha
2014 - Herisau Station (1st rank) / Train station, urban design / GFA 40.000 m2
2013 - V-ZUG, Zug (Urban design study, 1st rank) / Urban design / 166.000 m2
2013 - Bahnhofsplatz Olten (Urban design study) / Train station, station square
2012 - Das KVArtier, development of a former waste incinerator area, Bern (2nd prize - general concept; 1st prize - exemplary building proposals) / Mixed use / 23.333 m2
2012 - Re-branding of the GO Transit System in Toronto with Winkreative (in planning), Toronto
2012 - Conversion for the Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in St. Moritz (in planning) / Hotel / 5.153 m3
2011 - Architectural corporate identity for Union Pearson Express with Winkreative, Toronto (in planning) / Four train stations
2012 - Redevelopment of the Brisgi Area In Baden (1st prize) / Urban design / 25.000 m2
2012 - Learning from Tokyo, Zürich / Exhibition and symposium
2011 - Wil West, Wil, Switzerland (in planning) / Urban design 92.5 ha
2011 - Butterfly House, France (in planning) / Private house 150 m2
2011 - Europaallee - Baufeld F, Zürich (Competition, 2nd prize) / Offices, apartments 36.900 m2
2010 - 2011 Metrobild Zürich / Development strategy for the Metropolitan Region of Zürich
2009 - 2010 Railroad station St. Moritz (1st prize, basis for zoning plan) / Urban design study 21.000 m2
2009 - 2010 Mobiglobe 3.0 - Visions for sustainable mobility, Autostadt, Wolfsburg / Media installation
2008/2009 - Railroad station area in Aarburg (Competition, 3d prize) / Urban design 18.000 m2
2008 - Masterplan Šmartinska Partnership, Ljubljana (Competition, 1st prize) / Urban design 230 ha
2008 - Engadin Airport, Samedan-St. Moritz (Competition, 1st prize) / Airport 28.000 m2
2008 - Celovska Cesta, Ljubljana (Masterplan competition, 1st prize) / Mixed use 150.000 m2
2007 - “La Rinascente“, Milano, Italy / Department store and apartments 14.000 m2
2007 - “Green Hypercore“, Milano, Italy / Office building 27.000 m2
2007 - 2009 “heute” studio, ZDF, Mainz / Concept and media planning
2007 - “Second Planet“ (with Condorfilms, Zürich) / Documentary movie
2005 - 2007 Restaurant ANAN, Autostadt, Wolfsburg / Restaurant 370 m2
2005 - 2006 Mobiglobe, Autostadt, Wolfsburg / Media installation

Hiromi Hosoya
2008 - 2012 University Professor at the Akademie der bildenden Künste, Vienna, Austria
2011 Visiting Professor at Harvard University Graduate School of Design, U.S.A.
2007 Visiting Professor at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Vienna, Austria
2005 - 2006 Visiting Professor at Cornell University, U.S.A.

Markus Schaefer
on-going Expert in NRP 65 Projects “Nachhaltige Siedlungsentwicklungsmust (SUPat)”
2007 - 2009 University Professor at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Vienna, Austria
2007 Guest Professor at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Vienna, Austria
2005 - 2006 Guest instructor at the Berlage Institute, Rotterdam, NL / “Light Capital Ljubljana”
Guest Instructor at the Berlage Institute, Rotterdam, NL / “The Architecture of Hospitals”
Masterclass at the Berlage Institute, Postgraduate Laboratory for Architecture,
2003 Rotterdam, NL

2014 Ljubljana Forum, Ljubljana
2014 EPFL, Lausanne
2014 Symposium ZHAW, Zürich
2014 ETH Symposium, Zürich
2014 Olso School of Architecture and Design, Oslo
2013 MAK, Vienna
2013 TU Munich
2013 Latvian Art Academy, Riga
2013 ZHdK Mater Workshop, Zürich
2013 ZHdK, Zürich
2013 McKinsey CTO Conference, Kitzbühel
2013 ETH, Zürich
2012 ZHdK Conference, Zürich
2012 ETH, Zürich
2012 German Architecture Centre, Berlin
2012 Summer Academy ETH, Zürich
2012 City Futures, Bern
2012 Helbling Symposium, Zürich
2011 Fulbright Alumni Association, Zürich
2011 Metropolitankonferenz, Zürich
2011 Columbia University
2011 Harvard University
2011 Post2000 Talks, Lisbon
2010 ETH Symposium, Zürich
2010 Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia (ZAPS)
2010 University of Applied Science OWL
2010 Switzerland 3.0, Zürich
2010 Oslo Associations of Architects, Oslo
2010 ETH, Zürich
2009 Panel at Bavarian Chamber of Architects, Munich
2009 Property & Faciliity conference, executive campus HSG, St. Gallen
2009 Urban Reset conference, Hafencity University, Hamburg
2009 Kornhausforum Bern
2009 Stahlbauforum Baden
2009 Symposium Kunstareal, Munich
2008 Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart
2008 vlow! conference, Bregenz
2008 Salone die Mobile Milano
2008 Contractworld Hanover
2007 Universität der Künste Berlin
2007 Academy of Fine Arts Bratislava
2007 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
2007 Technical University Vienna
2007 Panel at Freezone, Swiss Architecture Museum, Basel
2006 Stuttgarter Medientage
2006 Japan Now, Cornell University, Ithaka
2006 Kulturzone 06, Schirn Kunsthalle und Messe Frankfurt
2006 Volkswagen Global Conference, Wolfsburg
2006 Trendtag, Hamburg
2006 International Symposium on Metropolitan Regions, TU Munich
2005 Cornell University, Ithaka
2005 Alpbach Symposium
2005 Tweakfest, Zürich
2004 Architekturzentrum, Vienna
2004 ZhdK, Zürich
2004 Holcim Forum on Sustainability
2004 The Intense City, Groningen
2004 Alpbach Symposium