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Hille Melbye AS
Hausmanns gate 16, 0268 Oslo, Norway
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Hille Melbye AS
Harald T. Melbye, Architect MNAL

Harald T. Melbye, born 1942, graduated from Oslo School of Architecture (AHO) in 1966, joined the firm in 1969 eventually entering partnership with Harald Hille in 1986.
Harald T.Melbyes work spans virtually all categories of architecture. He has specialized in logistically complex projects, as well as resort and leisure projects.
Harald T. Melbye served as vice president of Norsk Form (Norwegian Design Centre) and is a member of the Norwegian Architects Association’s committee on ethics.

Tore Wiig, Architect MNAL

Tore Wiig, born 1946, graduated from Trondheim School of Architecture (NTH) in 1970, joining the firm in 1972 becaming partner in 1992.
Tore Wiig works across several architectural categories. His most important works include churches, embassies, office buildings and housing.
Tore Wiig has served as jury member in numerous architectural competitions.


Hille Melbye Architects was established in 1955 by architect Harald Hille.
Today the firm employs a staff of 56, including 49 architects.
The principal heads are Harald T. Melbye and Tore Wiig, both architects.
Melvin Eiesland is general manager.
Hille Melbye has been practicing in all forms of architectural discipline and has an established reputation of dependability and stability.


High architectural ambition and professional conduct are the offices foremost assets. Professional development programmes, and competition activity shall nurture these values.
The client is always in focus. Projects will be resolved within a carefully managed framework of ethics, site considerations and the firm’s professional integrity.
The office’s multidisciplinary approach is an asset in difficult markets, with development towards foreign markets a growth area.
The office aims to maintain a professional and social atmosphere.


2010 Grimstad, Housing, 54 flats. 1st prize (invited competition).
2010 Ås centre, Business and housing. 1st prize (invited competition).
2009 Sarpsborg, Info-tjenester Kalnes eiendom, office building. 1st prize (invited competition). Under construction.
2006 Hausmanns gt 23, Oslo. Office building. Special Award, Brick Development Society, Great Britain.
2006 Pilestredet Park, (transformation of an old hospital to modern housing in Central Oslo) Statens byggeskikkpris
2005 Pilestredet Park, Oslo. Oslo City Architectural Prize,
2003 Lambertseter Municipal Centre, 1st prize (invited competition). Realized 2010.
2000 Millennium brickwork prize, for outstanding planning with brickwork.
1990 Sunne Town hall, Sweden. 1st prize (invited competition). Not realized.
1985 Betongtavlen, award for Snarøya parish church, for outstanding use of concrete
1982 Helgerud parish church. 1st prize (open competition). Realized 1984.
1976 Bugården parish church.1st prize (open competition). Realized 2010.