forte, gimenes & marcondes ferraz ARQUITETOS

Sao Paulo | Since 1999

forte, gimenes & marcondes ferraz ARQUITETOS
Mourato Coelho Street 923, Sao Paulo, Brazil
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forte, gimenes & marcondes ferraz ARQUITETOS


Founded in 1999 by fellow students from FAU-USP, forte, Gimenes & Marcondes Ferraz (FGMF) was conceived with the cause of making a contemporary architecture, without any restraints regarding the use of varied material and building techniques, exploring the connexion between architecture and Man.

Based on the professional and academic experience of its partners, FGMF pursuits an innovative and distinct approach at every project proposed. There are no rigid or preconceived formulas: at each challenge, we start from scratch, using the drawing as our research tool for the elaboration of a new conceit for a building, an object, a city. In these few years of existence, we were fortunate of dealing with a wide range of programs and architectural scales, what enhances the belief that architecture, as life itself, ought to be plural, heterogeneous and dynamic. After all these years and accomplished work, our investigation is focused, whenever it is possible, on the relation of the construction with its environment. Our office now seeks to work the limits of construction with its surroundings and the non-built area, a spatial dialogue between the building and the non-building.

All this hard work and dedication led to the satisfaction of receiving national and international significative awards, among them, several awards from the institute de Arquitetos do Brasil (IAB), Living Steel, Editora Abril e ABCEM. Our works are now being published in Brazil as well as many other countries such as Italy, China, England, Slovenia, Korea, India, Ecuador and USA, besides taking part in latin-american and european biennales. Rather than the recognition of a well-done job, this represents motivation for our further focus on creative and efficient projects.