Carl Auböck

Wien | Since 1926

Carl Auböck
Bernardgasse 23, 1070 Wien, Austria
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Product designers
Carl Auböck
Carl Auböck, Produktdesigner

(1924 - 1993)
After his study of architecture in Austria and the USA, Carl Auböck returns to Vienna again. In his works and designs for the workshop, the idea of Industrial Design gains more and more importance, allthough this term has nearly no relevance in Vienna at that time.

Friendships with Walter Gropius, Richard Neutra and many others, give the background for his international design career in the sixties and seventies. International distinctions for design objects follow: several compasso d'oros of the ,Triennale di Milano', international state honours a.s.f.

With his professorship at the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna since 1977 and his international engagement for architecture, design, industrial design and science, he continuously designs new objects for the Carl Auböck collection.

Together with his wife Justine Auböck, who takes over the management of the workshop after the death of Carl Auböck 1957, he develops the production of the Carl Auböck workshop to an international range. In this years Auböck Design can be bought at Tiffany, Saks 5th avenue and Bloomingdales in New York as well as at Neiman Marcus in Dallas, Christofle in Paris, The Ginza in Tokyo or at Harrods in London. The Auböck workshop also creates and produces design collections for brands like Hermès and Pierre Cardin or nella longari in Milan. In the early seventies he starts the collaboration with the new generation.


Founded as a metal workshop for girdling and chasing back in the 19th century, the traditional Carl Auböck workshop is still placed in the 7 th district of Vienna in Bernardgasse 23. In the years of foundation the workshop mainly produces the so called ,Wiener Bronzen'. In 1926 the workshop is passed from father to son, who gives it new ideas - the beginning of the typical Auböck design.