BNKR Arquitectura

Mexico City | Since 2005

Montecito 38 10th Floor Off. 19, Col. Nápoles CP 03810, Mexico City, Mexico
Phone +52 5255 9000 3988
Fax +52 5255 9000 3987


Bunker Arquitectura is a Mexico City-based architecture, urbanism and research office founded by Esteban Suarez in 2005 and partnered by his brother Sebastian Suarez. In their short career they have been able to experience and experiment architecture in the broadest scale possible: from small iconic chapels for private clients to a master plan for an entire city. Bunker´s unconventional approach to architecture has continuously generated public debate with projects such as a three-kilometer habitable bridge that unites the bay of Acapulco and an inverted skyscraper 300 meters deep in the main square of the historic center of Mexico City.