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Atelier Christian de Portzamparc
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Atelier Christian de Portzamparc
Christian de Portzamparc, Architecte

Born in 1944, Christian de Portzamparc studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris from 1962 to 1969. Soon after completing his studies, he set his mark on the landscape of the new town of Marne-la- Vallée with his Water Tower, a "poetic monument".

In 1975, he designed a neighbourhood in Paris with 210 dwellings: Rue des Hautes-Formes was completed in 1980 and marked a turning-point in the history of urban design.

Birth in Casablanca, Morocco
Les Hautes-Formes, Paris
Équerre d’Argent prize for the Paris
Opera Ballet School in Nanterre
Cité de la Musique 1, Paris
Prizker Architecture Prize
Cité de la Musique 2, Paris
French Embassy, Berlin
LVMH Tower, New York
National Urban Planning Prize
Chair of Artistic Creation at the Collège de France
International consultation on the Greater Paris development project Christian de Portzamparc works all over the world, theorising on the present and future of the city, fragmentation, a caseby- case approach and the "open block" concept.

From an individual building to an entire neighbourhood, the city is fundamental to his work, which is dominated by three overlapping themes.

- Flagship public buildings, which bring people together. Many are devoted to music, like the Cité de la Musique in La Villette Park in Paris (1984-1995), the Luxembourg Philharmonic Hall (1997-2006) and the Cidade da Musica currently being built in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), but they also include museums like the Hergé Museum in Belgium, inaugurated in 2009, law courts like those in Grasse (1999), and stadia like the Arena Stadium in Nanterre /France, a competition won in 2011.or his exceptional new headquarters building for the Rhône-Alpes Council opened in May 2011.

- Sculptural towers, like the LVMH Tower in Manhattan, New York / USA (1995-1999) and two projects under construction: the Granite project (2001-2008) in Paris La Defense and a on the 57th in Manhattan.

- Neighbourhoods and blocks of residential and office buildings, like the Masséna Seine urban development on the Left Bank of Paris (ongoing since 1995), the Jardins de la Lironde in Montpellier (ongoing since 1991) and the Riverside Center project in Manhattan, a four-block development for which he designed the overall layout and the architecture