Alexandre Pain

Moutiers les Mauxfaits

Alexandre Pain
22 rue des Frênes, 85540 Moutiers les Mauxfaits, France
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Product designers
Alexandre Pain


Born in France in 1988, Alexandre Pain has always been interested in industrial techniques. He obtained a first degree in this field in 2006. He then began training at the Nantes Altantique school of design, in Nantes. His career quickly oriented furniture design. After a first experience in an agency in Paris in 2008, Alexandre moved in Finland in 2009, to study design at the Lapin Yliopisto, in Lapland, where he used to work wood. In 2010 he spent a few months in Sweden while following his studies and making furniture in wood pallets for the “Villa déchets” in Nantes. He continued his training at Leroy Merlin for six months, worked on furniture projects. He finally graduated in 2011. He then worked for Calor, and is currently developing projects of product and furniture design.

Alexander works in a perpetual questioning of materials, shapes and uses to reinterpret existing. Because he is attached to the knowledge of craftsmen and because he seeks to improve his knowledge of materials, he takes care to work with them and make himself the parts as soon as his skills allow. It is thanks to his grandfather (a cabinetmaker specializing in Parisian furniture of the 18th) that he acquired this sensibility. Alexander products are often minimalist design, he believes in the famous quote of Ray Eames: "What works is better than what looks good, the looks good can change, but what works, works." He particularly appreciates the work of Jean Prouvé and Charlotte Perriand or Greta Grossman. For him, a good product should offer new perspectives. This product is easy to draw while retaining a strong identity.