New project on the roof of the Palais de Tokyo, Paris

The Nomiya restaurant is replacing the Hotel Everland on the roof of the Palais de Tokyo for one year. Designed by the artist Laurent Grasso, the glass cube is part of the 'Art Home' culinary project by the Palais de Tokyo and Electrolux.

Nomiya owes its name to the Japanese micro restaurants. In the kitchen star chef Gilles Stassart, former manager of the Transversal au Mac/Val, demonstrates his skills. Nomiya was created in cooperation with Laurent Grasso's brother, the architect Pascal Grasso. The programme offers tours and cooking ateliers, workshops, breakfast and dinners with breathtaking views of France's capital city.

The Tours
Each tour offers you a full taste of the exceptional space of Art Home. Start out at the serene garden and terrace, then work your way up to the Palais de Tokyo rooftop. Once there you’ll enter straight into the heart of a superb artistic setting, the Nomiya dining room, which offers breathtaking panoramic views of the City of Lights. This magical atmosphere will make your visit unforgettable.

Palais de Tokyo
Since its opening, the Palais de Tokyo has been treating the public to some of the very best French and international contemporary art. Within this incredible space is a convergence of styles from abstract, minimalism and chainsaw sculptures to zombies, mutants and readymade works. It offers a fresh, uninhibited look at contemporary art and, as often as possible, from the point of view of the artists themselves.

Laurent Grasso
For over a decade, artist Laurent Grasso has united a wide range of tools and techniques to help the public break free from its preconceived notions and surpass expectations. The Nomiya concept developed for the Palais de Tokyo is a project that’s both inspired and named after the tiny Japanese bars. In the creation of Nomiya, Laurent Grasso was assisted by his brother, Pascal Grasso, an architect. Laurent Grasso was awarded the 2008 Marcel Duchamp prize.

Gilles Stassart
Chef Gilles Stassart, creator of the MAC/VAL restaurant Transversal, brings together flavours and sensations as well as culinary art and contemporary creations. As the culinary project’s artistic director, Gille describes the ArtHome concept as a time to relax, savour and share: “We’re proposing a brand new culinary experience in order to discover the rich multitude of stories that food has to tell us.”

Reservations for up to 12 persons daily at 10am