Jess will be present at Salone del Mobile Milano with the presentation of the Shuffle. We will do this under the name of ‘Masterly - The Dutch in Milano’.

From the 9th of April until the 14th of April, Jess will be present at Salone del Mobile Milano; one of the biggest fairs in the entire world on the area of interior design. We’ll be joining other designers under the name of ‘Masterly - The Dutch in Milano’. An initiative that focuses on excellent Dutch design, fashion and photography which has its own soul and its own identity.

During these days in April, Jess can be found at Via Meravigli 7 - Room 21. This is inside of the Palazzo Francesco Turati, a stunning location for an exclusive fair. The beautiful courtyard of the Palazzo offers the perfect location for a little lounge break. Then there is the rooftop terrace on the fifth floor, that offers a phenomenal view of Milan. An ideal place to chat, network and simply enjoy the moment.

The fair itself takes place every year, and has its roots in Milan. It’s one of the leading and trend-setting fairs in terms of interior design, and has a huge influence on the exclusiveness and quality of products. It takes place in and around the entire city centre of Milan, and attracts thousands of consumers, professionals and members of the press.

Jess will present the Shuffle, designed by Robert Bronwasser, at Salone del Mobile Milano. Jess and Robert Bronwasser have known each other for a few years, which eventually led to a collaboration last year. The result of this collaboration is the Shuffle. “It was a great challenge”, Robert Bronwasser starts to tell. “Jess asked Robert to come up with a range of sofas, armchair, chair and tables. I was inspired by pure materials, and added my own signature elements to them; friendly, rounded corners, clean lines, and a functional twist. The surprising element is the fact that you can use them in different ways. It has a dual functionality, and the elements can be used separately or in combination with each other. Therefore, it’s widely applicable and unique in its own way.”

“I am very pleased with the collaboration with Robert Bronwasser”, says Jess-director Maarten van de Goor. “The Shuffle is an extraordinary expansion of our collection, which we will proudly present at Salone del Mobile. We can’t wait to be part of this great event and we hope to see everyone there!”

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