How can Konstfack communicate its inner soul in its external space?

Me and Kristoffer Fagerström was commissioned by Konstfack, which we where both attending at the time, to do a new out door café by their main entrance. The project was to work on this location, a low concrete slab, as a whole and to design a series of site specific items of outdoor furniture.
With the aim of creating an interdisciplinary space, we have created a framework that lets the space react to influences and allows it to change over time. In the future when the wood content of this framework is worn out it is up to the current students to decide the content. By this we hope that the space will develop into a collage of materials. We are leaving something behind us that not only represents us and Konstfack at present but can also represent Konstfack in the future…


Konstfack, University College of Art, Craft and Design

Design team:

Marcus Abrahamsson